Sunday, December 30, 2012

China Glaze, Red Satin.

China Glaze, Red Satin. 3 coats.


I've been a little obsessed with red polish lately. It all started when I was looking for a good red polish and I realized that a good chunk of my red collection was not cruelty free. So, I began my hunt to find cruelty free replacements. Luckily, we have a huge surplus of great reds in current collections.

Red Satin is one of the reds I decided to add to my collection. It came from China Glaze's Holiday 2012 Collection with quite a few other great reds. This one is a bit different because it is a jelly finish. It gives a nice squishy appearance on the nail yet builds up to opacity nicely in 3 coats. I highly recommend letting each coat dry thoroughly before adding the next. The formula is a little on the thin side and you need to be careful in application to avoid pooling at the cuticle. Dry time did take significantly longer due to the need for 3 coats, but I kind of feel it was worth it. Red Satin looks quite similar to China Glaze's China Rouge but without the squishy jelly finish. I used 1 coat of Seche Vite to finish my mani and to seal in the color.

Above are some wheel swatches of the reds I have added to my collection.
1. China Glaze, With Love (Holiday 2012)
2. China Glaze, Red Satin (Holiday 2012)
3. China Glaze, China Rouge
4. Barielle, Lindsay's Dancin'
5. China Glaze, Merry Berry (Holiday 2012)

Normally, I really don't care for red polish but it's a staple color and you gotta have some good core one's for nail art and the like. I'm happy with the replacements I chose and will be banishing my non-cruelty free reds from my polish room shortly. What do you think of my selections? Did you add any of these to your collection too or are you thinking about adding any?


  1. Lovely! Think I may need to go back to Sally and pick up Red Satin :)

    1. I love it too! You could even do jelly sammies with this!

  2. I like all of them! I can't pull off darker reds like Merry Berry but I do like to look at them on the shelf! I really like the shimmer that the Barielle has but the jelly finish of Red Satin is by far my favourite :)

    1. I forgot to mention it in my post but Merry Berry is very close to Essie, Size Matters. I have Lindsay's Dancin' on my toes and it's super pretty and it is holding up exceptionally well. Gotta love the jellies!! ;-)


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