Monday, February 29, 2016

Nerd Lacquer, Midnight & Phasma.


Once again I shall apologize for my absence; it is not the fault of the job this time... but family health issues. In fact I am typing this from the hospital.

But enough of the downer stuff.

This is a manicure I wore for the last week of January.

The deep blue is Midnight; from the Nerd Lacquer website:

MIDNIGHT is what you shall wear when you've really made it -- and also maybe right now, because why not? Deep inky blue linear holo studded with royal holo sequins, little flecks of black (as is proper) and silver sparks. Mysterious, magical, and achingly gorgeous. (See what I did there, Discworld fans?)

I don't have the words to describe how much I love this, but the formula was buttery and smooth; opaque in 2 coats. No issues with glitter placement.

On my accent nail I applied a stunning silver called Phasma. Phasma is what they call CONVERTIBLE because it comes with a tiny packet of glitter; large and small silver holo, black micro, plus black holo textured glitter. You can add it to the bottle to amp up the glitter profile or you can do what I did and sprinkle it on top.

Phasma was an easy 2 coater and applied nicely.

Now, if you are loving all these Nerd Lacquers I have been posting lately I suggest checking out the 'Thinning Out The Herd' Sale to pick up some lovelies at 35% off. Also, there is a new DIY Kit; The PROMETHEAN TRIO. I need it.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Franken!


I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day... Or Walking Dead Day! Was that mid-season premiere awesome or what?!?

As I browsed my stash to find a good polish for Valentine's, I realized I still had Lynnderella's Matter of the Heart that I picked up in a stash sale some years ago. Sadly, the formula was quite bad; very runny, sheer and the base would not suspend the glitter. So when life hands you lemons you make lemonade... And when you get a crap polish you either layer it or Franken it. I did attempt to layer; but I just could not get the glitter on my nail due to the very runny & thin base. I'm not sure if it went bad over time, if I got a bad batch, or if it had been doctored with too much thinner in the past. Who knows.

I grabbed a light pink cream that had sat untouched for at least a few years, Julep, Reese. She's a nice polish but I don't wear light pinks too often.

I mixed equal parts Reese & Matter of the Heart and got lucky because it ended up quite nice. Opaque in 2 easy coats and I didn't have to fish for glitter (although I did leave the bottle upside down for a bit). I like how the base is milky enough to give opacity but you can still see the glitters suspended within.

I also have a decant (mini bottle) for one lucky person who comments below; only catch is you must have a US address that I can send it to and make sure the profile or account you use to comment with has your email address so I can contact you for your mailing address.

Feel free to let me know how your Valentine's Day went too; I spent mine doing laundry, organizing my new Vanity (birthday gift from my husband) and watching The Walking Dead. I enjoyed it.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nerd Lacquer, Kylo.

For my birthday I went back to my Nerds! I wanted a deep garnet red and this newy from Nerd Lacquer is a gorgeous one. I especially thought it would be great since I saw the new Star Wars movie a few weeks ago.

Kylo is a glowing blood red with violet shimmer and black micro glitter. The base is a little bit jelly like and I did need a 3rd coat on most nails to deepen the color. It was on the thick side and I had to work a little more during application but it is a stunner. I need to put this on my toes soon.

My apologies if I really don't need to explain the name but this refers to the villain in the latest Star Wars installment; Kylo Ren.

Are you a Star Wars fan? What did you think of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have my theories but I'm not posting spoilers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Finger Paints, Winter Chill.

In early January I needed something quick and easy to put on because I desperately needed to change my polish but I was low on time so I went for a texture polish; Finger Paints, Winter Chill.

This particular shade is no longer available which is a shame. It's a beautiful flat off-black with pink and blue micro glitter. As you can see it applied beautifully. For some reason textures are like a BB Cream for your nails; they look amazing. It dried very quickly and wore great. Just be aware that dark textures tend to show a lot of dirt so they require additional hand washing.

I actually just ordered some Pixie Dusts' from Zoya and have been looking for the new Wet n' Wild Color Icon Holiday/Winter Collection which appears to be textures as well. What do you think of texture polishes?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nerd Lacquer, That's Numberwang.

For New Years I went this a very glittery, blingy, chunky glitter from Nerd Lacquer called That's Numberwang. Another nod to That Mitchell and Webb Look. A jelly like magenta base with tons of different glitters thrown in (aqua holo, royal blue, fuchsia, and copper)


The formula on this was pretty tricky; It definitely required the dabbing method and while 2 coats worked generally... there were spots that required an additional coat. It does have that transparent jelly feel to it. It's a glitter bomb and therein perfect for New Years. Even though I didn't do anything for New Years Eve.  At least my nails had a party.

How was your New Years? Do anything exciting?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nerd Lacquer, Some Bastard Who's Presumably Responsible.

For Christmas I went with another one of Nerd Lacquers' new formulas; Some Bastard Who's Presumably Responsible. The site calls this a muted dusty olive but I'm leaning more sage green. Throw in bronze and black glitter and some golden flakies. It's a little more glitter packed than The Zed Word but it still has a subtlety to it.

Apologies for the less-than-stellar lighting; bad weather.

Formula was very similar to The Zed Word and applied nicely in 2 opaque coats. The tips were a little sheer but it wasn't bothersome in real life. My favorite part of this is the golden flakies against the sage green base. A great color combo.

I had to google the reference to this polish since I had no clue what the name meant. Turns out the creator of Nerd Lacquer must be especially fond of a show called That Mitchell and Webb Look because she made a few different polishes that refer to it. Apparently, it's a British Sketch Comedy show.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nerd Lacquer, The Zed Word.

Hey Gang! Long time no post... It's been over a month!

The new job is coming along as can be expected but it's been a little exhausting especially since I've started the 9/80 schedule (Every other Friday off in addition to my usual Saturday & Sunday). I wasn't supposed to start this schedule until my 6 month mark but due to departmental needs I got to start two weeks ago.  Yesterday was my very 1st Friday off so I managed to get some posts up for you!

Even though I didn't post much in December I still stuck with Nerd-mas and wore all Nerd Lacquer!

After my last post (Regal Copper), I wore The Zed Word. This is a new profile for Nerd Lacquer; it's a golden off-white shimmer with silver, red, and green micro glitter. No large chunky glitters in this baby, it's pure subtle bad-assery. Then, the fact that this is a Zombie (yes, I know, I shouldn't have typed it) themed polish only propels it further into the bad-ass zone. I freaking love Zombies! Zombie, Zombie, Zombie. I'm not afraid to say it type it.



Formula was very nice and only required 2 coats for opacity. Of course I set my Nerds upside down for a bit to make sure I get plenty of pigment and glitter on my brush. I then give them a little shake and roll between my hands before polishing. I had no issues with application and as you can see I got a very clean line at the cuticle. The shimmer in this is so glowy and ethereal; absolutely beautiful.


What do you think of The Zed Word? Are you liking this new formula from Nerd Lacquer or do you prefer the chunkier glitters?

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