Monday, February 29, 2016

Nerd Lacquer, Midnight & Phasma.


Once again I shall apologize for my absence; it is not the fault of the job this time... but family health issues. In fact I am typing this from the hospital.

But enough of the downer stuff.

This is a manicure I wore for the last week of January.

The deep blue is Midnight; from the Nerd Lacquer website:

MIDNIGHT is what you shall wear when you've really made it -- and also maybe right now, because why not? Deep inky blue linear holo studded with royal holo sequins, little flecks of black (as is proper) and silver sparks. Mysterious, magical, and achingly gorgeous. (See what I did there, Discworld fans?)

I don't have the words to describe how much I love this, but the formula was buttery and smooth; opaque in 2 coats. No issues with glitter placement.

On my accent nail I applied a stunning silver called Phasma. Phasma is what they call CONVERTIBLE because it comes with a tiny packet of glitter; large and small silver holo, black micro, plus black holo textured glitter. You can add it to the bottle to amp up the glitter profile or you can do what I did and sprinkle it on top.

Phasma was an easy 2 coater and applied nicely.

Now, if you are loving all these Nerd Lacquers I have been posting lately I suggest checking out the 'Thinning Out The Herd' Sale to pick up some lovelies at 35% off. Also, there is a new DIY Kit; The PROMETHEAN TRIO. I need it.



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