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I am in the midst of transitioning Kell's DIY Nails into a strictly Cruelty-Free Zone. It's been a long and hard road and I only expect it to get harder but it's something that I really believe in. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan but I do support the ASPCA's Legislative efforts to create a humane environment and humane slaughter for livestock. I am 100% against foie gras (the cruel practice of force feeding ducks so that their livers are enlarged and packed with a high concentration of fat), which is considered a delicacy by some. I am very passionate about the treatment of animals and am a huge supporter of Spay & Neuter. Pet Overpopulation is a huge issue and we need to encourage back yard breeders to stop breeding. It's also important that we teach one another the importance of being a responsible pet owner. I am 100% against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Owners need to be held accountable for their pets; it's not the breed, it's the human behind the dog.

A great resource to find cruelty-free products and items is at This is a PETA run site and I realize many people don't care for their tactics but they also do some really great work on the behalf of animals. Not to mention this is a very accurate listing. If you can exercise some tolerance their information can help you make better choices.

I also like to use to research cruelty-free companies. Their lists are not as comprehensive as PETA's but they do work with some companies that don't communicate with PETA.

I will be listing what I believe to be some great links to helpful and interesting articles here as well.

Animal Testing Could Soon be Required by Law in the United States
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Hard Candy Facebook Update:
June 6, 2012 at 12:31pm
URGENT!!! We do not, have not and will NEVER test on animals! Leaping Bunny is incorrect - Hard Candy is NOT owned by Urban Decay. Hard Candy has ZERO affiliation with Urban Decay. We will be contacting Leaping Bunny immediately to retract this harmful and damaging statement. Again, Hard Candy does not test on animals. EVER!!!

Hard Candy We do not sell in China. We are available exclusively in the States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Leaping Bunny We apologize for putting out the wrong information. UD and Hard Candy are completely separate companies and we look forward to hopefully getting Hard Candy certified by Leaping Bunny as soon as possible!

PETA has updated their Cruelty-Free Company List as of 6/19/2013
They are no longer listing Hard Candy and OPI as cruelty-free; I'm assuming they are selling in China and China requires all products to be tested on animals.

PETA Challenges Revlon To Save Face, Stop Animal Testing

Revlon has Purchased Bari Cosmetics... Pure Ice and Sinful Colors are now owned by Revlon
Pointless Cafe gave me a heads up!

Leaping Bunny Program Removes Urban Decay; China's Animal Testing Requirements are the Reason

L'Oreal to Buy Urban Decay to Expand in Specialist Makeup
Will they still be Cruelty-Free? We will have to wait and see but I'm thinking not.

NYX Cosmetics Receives PETA's Courage in Commerce Award

PETA Becomes Part Owner of Revlon
Revlon is no longer a Cruelty-Free brand.

OPI and Essie: Animal Testing & Email From PETA
“We are very pleased to report that PETA has received written confirmation from OPI assuring us that its animal-testing policy will not change and that its products will remain cruelty-free. We feel that it’s imperative for consumers to continue buying OPI products in order to support the company’s anti-testing stance and to show parent companies that the market for cruelty-free products is huge. Unfortunately, Essie has not responded yet to our inquiries about whether it will remain cruelty-free. We would remove Essie from our cruelty-free list if we do not receive an updated statement from them.

We are still asking caring consumers like you to ask L’Oréal to adopt compassionate, cruelty-free standards. You may use its Web form at, by calling 212-818-1500, or by writing to:

L’Oréal USA, Inc.
575 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10017
212-984-4999 (fax)”

Is Calling Foie Gras "Humane" False Advertising?

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Do you have or know of a Cruelty-Free blog? Drop me an email at! I love finding new ones and I will add you to my Blog Roll!


  1. L'Oreal is buying Urban Decay? CRAP! I haven't bought any in a while and I guess I won't! Good to know.
    Congratulations on going Cruelty-Free. I really believe that boycotting is one of the best ways to get the point across. It does no good to write angry letters and then buy it anyways. It's a challenge, but a worthwhile one.
    And I'm finding that often I really like the cruelty free brands better.
    Thanks for the mention in your blogroll!

    1. Urban Decay did make a statement that they intend to remain a cruelty-free company but I haven't heard PETA's official statement since I know they really check their facts. Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch... Us cruelty-free bloggers need to stick together! ;-)


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