Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Franken!


I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day... Or Walking Dead Day! Was that mid-season premiere awesome or what?!?

As I browsed my stash to find a good polish for Valentine's, I realized I still had Lynnderella's Matter of the Heart that I picked up in a stash sale some years ago. Sadly, the formula was quite bad; very runny, sheer and the base would not suspend the glitter. So when life hands you lemons you make lemonade... And when you get a crap polish you either layer it or Franken it. I did attempt to layer; but I just could not get the glitter on my nail due to the very runny & thin base. I'm not sure if it went bad over time, if I got a bad batch, or if it had been doctored with too much thinner in the past. Who knows.

I grabbed a light pink cream that had sat untouched for at least a few years, Julep, Reese. She's a nice polish but I don't wear light pinks too often.

I mixed equal parts Reese & Matter of the Heart and got lucky because it ended up quite nice. Opaque in 2 easy coats and I didn't have to fish for glitter (although I did leave the bottle upside down for a bit). I like how the base is milky enough to give opacity but you can still see the glitters suspended within.

I also have a decant (mini bottle) for one lucky person who comments below; only catch is you must have a US address that I can send it to and make sure the profile or account you use to comment with has your email address so I can contact you for your mailing address.

Feel free to let me know how your Valentine's Day went too; I spent mine doing laundry, organizing my new Vanity (birthday gift from my husband) and watching The Walking Dead. I enjoyed it.


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