Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daring Digits, Girl's Night Out.

Daring Digits, Girl's Night Out. 2 coats.

Please ignore my paper cut... School can be dangerous.

My chica, Erika, and I went to see an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band by the name of Zepperella so in preparation I thought this polish would be perfect... Except her husband decided he wanted to come along at the last moment. LOL. It wasn't a problem because he's a really nice guy but it ruined my idea for a post. ;-)

Regardless, Girl's Night Out doesn't necessarily need to be worn exclusively for a girl's night out because it is a stunning polish. I've had this for way too long and it's been sitting there staring at me. I'm glad I finally wore it because now I know I will be wearing it often.

Girl's Night Out is a a dark charcoal grey jelly base loaded with multicolored shimmer and some holographic glitter too. Consistency is very jelly like which makes it easy to apply. No need to worry about cuticle pooling, although I did have a little bit of dragging at the cuticle. Try to avoid over working the polish and let each coat dry thoroughly. The 1st coat went on a little sheer, but the 2nd filled it all in nicely. Dry time did take a lot longer than usual. GNO dried to a smooth texture but you will want to add a top coat for shine and of course to seal your polish. I used a coat of Seche Vite. I did have to shake it up real good before applying; it had settled after sitting so long and all the shimmer had sunk to the bottom of the bottle. I turned it upside down for 5 min.,  shook it like crazy for about 2 minutes, then rolled it in my palms to eliminate bubbles. I also rolled it some more between polishing each hand.

I love the dark charcoal grey and the way it looks like it's glowing from within in the sunlight. The multicolored shimmer and holo adds that extra little punch that makes this really special. It was perfect for my night out with Zepparella. Those ladies killed it so hard! I was beyond impressed with their show and musical talent. If you're a Led Zeppelin fan I highly suggest checking them out; HERE's their Facebook Page.

Daring Digits can be found on Etsy HERE.

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