Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lilacquer, Roo-Bee Rhod!.

Lilacquer, Roo-Bee Rhod!. 1 coat over:

Tip Tip NailChic, Peach Crisp (907)

The Indie polish makers love to do lines based off of their favorite movies, books, TV shows, etc. I think it’s a great way for them to express themselves and make unique combinations. Lilacquer’s Fifth Element Collection really caught my eye; they are unique in that they are shimmery duochromes and don’t contain any glitter. To be honest I’m kinda over glitters at the moment. I think we were so submersed in them that I made myself sick, like when you eat too much cake. LOL

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I really love the movie too. Mila is an amazing action heroine; anything she’s in I go bananas for. How many of you saw my Resident Evil mani on my Facebook Page? Anyways, I just had to get a few of these polishes. Roo-Bee Rhod! is one of my favorite colors; Orange. The duochrome shifts to pink and a golden yellow.

After playing with RBR on a nail wheel I noticed it’s a little sheer and that it was best to layer it over a base color. Black undies will give you a very pronounced shift in colors, but my preference was to use a base color that would enhance the base color of RBR.

You can see some of the yellow shift in this one...

...shifting from yellow to pink... 

... shifted to pink...

...and now it looks like more of a burnt orange.

I love this photo because you can see a little bit of everything... the orange, yellow and a hint of pink.

The formula is thick and I had a little difficulty using it. I ended up adding 3 drops of Zoya, Renew but it didn’t really do anything. The thickness caused me to have coverage issues so I had to go back over it and I experienced some dragging. I did my right hand first to get familiar with application and then I did my left (the hand I photograph) using caution and care. It dried quickly and to a satin finish so I sealed it with a coat of Seche Vite. It turned out pretty good. It is a bit frosty but I enjoy the effect of the duochrome. I look forward to trying some stamping with this.

You can find Lilacquer on etsy HERE.

I love that I can post multiple pictures in one post now… Using Facebook I had to cut and paste multiple pictures into one so this is a breath of fresh air.

Halloween is coming; anyone out there going to dress up as Leeloo in her white tape outfit? I actually met a gal who dressed up like that quite a few Halloweens ago… I was in awe of her confidence.

Awesome bottleshot!


  1. Hi Kelly!

    This is stunning! This is beautiful for fall, or anytime.

    That is funny that you said too much glitters made you sick.

    Have you seen varnishedvalkyrie's 53 coats of polish? She said she felt sick after applying that much polish.


    1. Thanks!

      I haven't seen it... Will look it up though...

      It's funny cause I just wore a glitter so I guess I'm back to liking glitter again. Ha! :-)


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