Monday, September 10, 2012

Nina Ultra Pro, Sailor.

Nina Ultra Pro, Sailor. 2 coats.

My friend Abbey was rocking some black nail polish a few weekends back when we were at the beach. I thought it looked really chic on her so I thought I would go for a navy blue this week.

Sailor is a nice creamy dark blue. It’s got a slightly dusty look to it so it’s not a harsh navy. The formula was nice; the first coat went on pretty opaque with just a few bare spots so a second was needed to even it all out. The consistency was slightly jelly-like so it went on nicely. The brush isn’t the greatest; a little on the narrow side so I had to do a few extra strokes to get good coverage. It dried pretty quickly but just keep in mind it dries slightly darker than the bottle color. I finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite but you can see I still have some bubbling due to the hot weather.

In the light it’s obvious it is a blue; but in low light it does appear to be black. The only other navy cream I have is Rescue Beauty Lounge, Dead Calm. DC is darker and a bit harsh; Sailor has just a touch of purple and appears to be brighter. I prefer Sailor to Dead Calm. In fact, I’m sitting here wondering if I even want to keep Dead Calm.

Usually I’m not a big fan of dark colors but this looks pretty good on my nubbins.

Nina Ultra Pro can be found at Sally Beauty Supply, however, it doesn't look like Sailor is offered any longer. It also looks like the line has undergone a makeover and they have new bottle shapes. I have yet to try any of the revamped polishes so I don't know if the formulas have changed any.

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