Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stamping with Lilacquer, Zorg Industries.

Stamping with Lilacquer, Zorg Industries.

Bundle Monster Plate 315

Base Color: Nina Ultra Pro, Sailor

I always experiement with stamping on old manis so please excuse the condition of this one... 
I received my two lovely Lilacquer polishes in the mail (Zorg Industries and Roo-Bee Rhod!) while I was wearing Nina Ultra Pro, Sailor. I immediately thought Zorg Industries would look great stamped on top of it.

As I shuffled through my Bundle Monster plates I zeroed in on this paisley design stamp. This attempt went much smoother and I was able to keep a pretty uniform stamp on most of my nails. I did notice that Zorg Industries dried really quickly on the stamping plate so a few times I stamped without any transfer; but I think this could be due to the hot weather.

You can find Lilacquer on Etsy HERE.

I really like the effect Zorg Industries created; it’s very subtle but still noticeable. The few mistakes (lack of transfer on areas of the nail) aren’t noticeable. I’m looking forward to wearing Zorg on its own.

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