Friday, October 12, 2012

a england, Tristam.

a england, Tristam. 2 coats.

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Look at that sexy holo!

I'm back to my usual squared off tips... it feels good. To celebrate I broke out my other a england polish. (The other one is on my Facebook page: Holy Grail) Talk about a stunner! Just WOW. That is all.

I'm sure you've already figured out that this is a dark purple linear holo. I imagine this being the perfect color for a sorceresses’ tips. I was a sorceress one year for Halloween. It was a good costume; got lots of compliments on it. If I can find a picture I will link it (Found it!). But, hey, this is a great color for just about anyone. I would even say you could probably wear this to work. I think it looks very elegant.

Formula was really nice; smooth and buttery application. The 1st coat was pretty opaque and I bet some could get away with a thicker single coat but I prefer to do two medium-thin coats. The brush however, was long, skinny, and didn't fan out on the nail. I had a bit more clean up to do because of the bad brush. Either the heat is subsiding here in SoCal or this polish is exceptional because I didn't experience any bubbling. It dried to a shinny finish but I wanted to seal it with a coat of INM Out The Door (Sometimes I like to switch up my top coat). Oh, and I don't believe the top coat dulled the holo at all; my camera has a hard time picking up the holo effect and it caught it relatively easily. I can really see it in person.

I'm wearing this for my Wedding Anniversary as well; 4 years married, together for 9. We got married on the 5 year anniversary of our 1st date. We are going low-key this year so we are just gonna go out to dinner. Still, it's special... I'm proud of us for making the sacrifices and working towards a long and happy marriage. It's not always roses and champagne but we work through the tough times and focus on the good.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us at my party, and that costume is GREAT!! I have never had an adult costume as awesome as yours, trying not to be jelly sandwich!


    You are making my party POP! This polish is awesome, I am jelly of that too, I don't have any A England, and I used to live there!

    : )

  2. It's too bad I didn't have a full photo of the costume... It's a long purple crushed velvet dress (similar to the Elvira dress) I wore black fishnet stockings and black pointy toed boots. The necklace is The Evil Eye Pendant. I got it from Kmart for like $25! Good deal! :-)

    I have more costumes to show you too! :-) I love Halloween!

    You have got to cross over to the dark side and get some a englands! LOL (You can also buy them from Ninja Polish)


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