Sunday, October 28, 2012

China Glaze, Bizarre Blurple & Ghoulish Glow.

China Glaze, Ghoulish Glow. 2 coats over:

China Glaze, Bizarre Blurple. 2 coats.

Bizarre Blurple

Ghoulish Glow

Photos in the dark are not my cameras strong suit.
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Bizarre Blurple is appropriately named; not for the color but for the consistency of the formula. It's thick and goopy; it was a challenge to apply. It also bubbled like crazy... I'm assuming due to the thick coats this polish applies in. It's a very pretty color; a cross between Blue and Purple just as the name implies. It's dark and vampy with a deep shimmer. I added a coat of Seche Vite to get rid of the bubbles but it didn't help.

I applied this before taking my dogs to their Halloween Puppy Parties on Saturday. Of course we dress up because I'm a nutcase; Our theme was Medical Staff. Nikki was a Nurse In Training and wore light pink scrubs (See it HERE). Penny was a Doctor In Training and wore green scrubs (See it HERE) and I was dressed up as the Resident Doctor who of course would be mentoring them (See it HERE). Sadly, we didn't win either of the Costume Contests but we did get some great ideas for next year. We also scored all kinds of goodies.

If you love your dogs as much as I do, I highly recommend checking out Jackboy's Dog Bakery. They make all natural, human grade treats for dogs. From simple little treats to large birthday cakes their stuff is incredible. I know that my dogs' health has a lot to do with what they eat. If you put good in; you will get good out (I'm not taking about No. 2). A good example is eye-staining. Many people with small white or light colored dogs battle staining where the eye secretes fluid. It's basically the eye flushing out impurities but what happens is minerals build up inside of our dogs and that's why we have that horrible orangish brown stain. When I switched Nikki, My little white maltepoo, from Purina's Pro Plan to Blue Buffalo's Small Breed Formula, her eye staining gradually lessened and now it is barely noticeable. All I did was change her food. I didn't have to buy special eye cleaners and spend time wiping her eyes constantly... It all had to do with the food she was consuming. I also noticed their coats are healthier, they shed less, and they have plenty of energy for walks and playtime. Any treats they get are from Jackboy's Dog Bakery; They love them! They will turn up their noses at Three Dog Bakery's stuff because it's like cardboard. You wanna hear one more thing? I eat their treats sometimes... LOL I'm serious... and they are good! When we went to the party I bought each of them a personalized Peanut and Honey biscuit but it was too big for Penny so I snapped it in half and Penny and I split it; of course Penny got the side that had her name written in carob on it, but I crunched away on it and it was slightly sweetened from the honey with a nutty flavor. Anyways, Jackboy's has a website (HERE) where you can order their stuff. They also now have a fully staffed bakery here in SoCal in Corona. They are on Facebook (HERE) and you can sign up for their newsletter to hear about their promos.

After all of the Puppy Parties, I had a Human Party to attend. Since the pups would be staying at home I decided to reprise my Tax Pro Zombie costume for the evening (You can see it HERE). Basically, I was working at the office on tax returns when the zombie apocalypse arrived; hence my blouse, pencil skirt and tights. I even had my H&R Block name tag on but my hair is covering it up in the photo. LOL. I decided to add some Ghoulish Glow to Bizarre Blurple and it gave it the perfect effect for the evening.

Ghoulish Glow is a better formula and very easy to work with but I found that the glow in the dark filament gives your base color a foggy effect. 1 coat gets you a very weak glow but 2 will get you a good amount of glow. In my 'glow' photo it looks weak but that's only because my camera sucks at taking photos in the dark. It dried to a satiny finish and I left it like that because I thought it looked cool. I am curious if a top coat would dull the glow effect. It should be mentioned that when the hubs and I went to bed I was being goofy with my glowing nails and they kept their glow for over 20 minutes as I irritated him. Hah!

It was a long, but fun, day of Halloween festivities... As for the actual day on Wednesday I will probably just watch scary movies with my husband and pass out candy to the few Trick or Treaters we get. We like to go all out and scare them but we get so few that we get bored waiting for 'victims'. Do you have any midweek parties or events to attend or did you do all of yours over the weekend like me?


  1. This is such a gorgeous color on you! I love it with the Goulish Glow. This is such a fun post. The puppies are too cute. I loved your costumes, especially the tax pro zombie! :-)

    1. Thanks, Red! (I just gave you a new nickname, hope you like it!)

      My posts have been getting a little more involved lately, hopefully it's not turning anyone off. :-) I love Halloween and getting into it!

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