Tuesday, October 16, 2012

China Glaze, Purple Panic (Neon).

China Glaze, Purple Panic (Neon). 3 coats.

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I love polished toenails. The procedure can be a little uncomfortable when doing your own, but I have a really weird fixation where unpainted toenails freak me out. I also like the fact that my pedicures last much longer than my manicures. Well, most do.

I wore this particular polish on my toes the last two weeks of September and I was crazy about it. I know many people out there don't appreciate foot photos so I will spare you and show you a swatch on my fingernails. I will admit that I'm not crazy about foot photos either.

The formula on Purple Panic is really nice for a neon. Application was very smooth and effortless on both my toes and fingers. When I did my pedicure I only needed 2 coats, but on my nails I needed 3 to eliminate visible nail line. As with most neons, it dried very quickly to a satin finish. It didn't self-level all that well so a coat of Seche Vite helped to smooth things out and gave us a glossy finish. Unfortunately, It chips quickly. After only a week on my toes, I had to do a touch up on some chips and added another coat of Seche Vite. It only lasted another week.

I absolutely love the color; a super bright pink with lavender shimmer. The lavender shimmer is only visible with a glossy top coat. It is an awesome pedi color; I really wish it would have held up better. Do you have any colors you love but don't care for the formula or wear time?

Love the lavender shimmer...

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