Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Darling Diva Polish, Queen of Hearts.

Darling Diva Polish, Queen of Hearts. 1 coat over:

Sinful Colors, Blue By You.

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Yes, I know, just a few weeks back I stated that I was sick of glitter. My theory is this: You stop trying to find the perfect glitter to compliment your base color and then it just magically happens. Like they say about love; once you stop looking for it, it finds you.

I have had this glitter for a long, long time because I was having one heck of a time finding the right base color. These types of glitter always baffle me: If I layer it over white I won't see the silver glitter (Besides, you know I don't like white polish). If I layer it over black I won't see the black glitter. Then, if I layer it over red, I won't see the red hearts. If I try purple or yellow it clashes. I get all kinds of worked up and spin myself into a frenzy. That's when nail polish stops being fun.

I threw my hands up in frustration and said 'I'm sick of glitter!'. Then, I find myself effortlessly pulling this combo together. Let me tell you... It looks even better in person. It was awesome; so awesome I wore it to death... like 7 - 8 days.

Formula was pretty darn good for a chunky glitter; lots of glitter payoff. I did fish for the red hearts and dabbed them on. I purposely didn't put them on every nail (if I put a big red heart on my smaller nails then it doesn't lay flat; I can feel the edge and I pick at it). There's a lot going on in here: 2 different sizes of black hexes, medium silver hexes, medium silver squares, small silver holo glitter, and large red hearts all in a clear base. Two things: the red hearts were all scratched up and I only got 1 silver square on one nail. I love square glitter so I would love more of those. This is in a really good suspension base; the glitter doesn't settle much at all. You will still want to give it a good roll to get lots of glitter on the brush. Dry time was good and I did two coats of Seche Vite to smooth it out.

You can find Darling Diva Polish on Etsy HERE. It doesn't look like she is offering this particular polish in her shop but she has a listing up for a custom so maybe she could make it for ya. However, she has some amazing stuff in her shop right now. I saw quite a few good ones. I think there is something for everyone.


  1. Hi Kelly! Great manicure thank you so much for bringing it and joining me at my party! You rock!

    If you do any more awesome stuff you can bring that too!

    I know what you mean about the glitter/underwear combo selection! It is hard! My husband helps me, for some reason he is better than me.

    Do you have any other polishes that stymie you?

  2. Thanks! I will have some better stuff coming up as well as photos of my costume this year and all that fun stuff.

    That's great that your hubby helps you... Mine just thinks my polish hobby is nuts. :-)

    Lynnderella, Connect The Dots is one that I can't seem to decide what to wear under it. So, I'm waiting for inspiration to strike.

  3. I LOVE this!!! So flipping gorgeous! I'm the same way with glitters, I always try to hard! And then ends in frustration, maybe I should take a break too ;) just found you blog, I love it!!!

    1. Glad you like it! I'm gonna go follow yours now too...


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