Saturday, October 27, 2012

Devil Stamping with Bundle Monster.

Stamping with Sinful Colors, Black On Black.

Bundle Monster plate BM-305

Base Colors:
 China Glaze, Glitter Goblin
 China Glaze, Roguish Red

This is my Little Devil Mani - Inspired by my Shih tzu mix, Penny.

Penny's 1st costume was a Devil costume (You can see it HERE) because as a puppy I gave her the nickname 'Little Devil' or 'Devil Puppy'. She loved to get into mischief and make messes. Even to this day she will occasionally get into something she shouldn't. She's a free spirit and lives in the moment. Nikki, my other little dog, loves to tattle on her too.

This stamping was a challenge for me. I messed up a few times before I ended up with this... and even this one is not great. Again, I made the mistake of not having a black stamping polish. But, fear not, I ordered some from eBay today after this workout. The devil's tail on my pinkie was the easier part. I struggled with the little guy on my middle nail. The hardest part was my thumb; Every time I filled the image on the plate with polish and then scrapped it, it was very uneven. I kept filling it back up with polish and scraping over and over until I had an evenly filled image and then placing it on my nail was another hard part. 3X I had to wipe it quickly with some Zoya Remove + and start over. I'm surprised I didn't ruin my base polish; Guess I got lucky. I used Black On Black to fill in areas and to wrap the tip of my thumb nail; it's pretty obvious.

Penny also occasionally helps me pick polishes when I can't make up my mind. You can see her in action on our YouTube Channel HERE. I've also added a new tab to my blog featuring our YouTube Channel.

Penny is currently entered in two different online costume contests. If you have a moment, please check them out and vote for Penny:

John Paul Pets' Boo-tiful Pet Costume Photo Contest - If she wins she will get some of their awesome products to keep her clean and fresh. Click HERE to Vote for Penny!

Blue Buffalo's Halloween 2012 Costume Contest - We could win a years supply of Blue Buffalo Dog Food! Click HERE to Vote for Penny!


  1. This is great~ I love that you matched your nails to your puppeh!

    Great job on stamping, I have more trouble with it. I think you did really well to accomplish this mani.

    And Penny is beyond cute in her costume! You are inspiring me to dress up my lil Roro! (that is what I call my dog Rosie)

    I hope Penny wins! Good Luck to you both Kelly!


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