Friday, October 26, 2012

Stamping with Essie, Size Matters.

Stamping with Essie, Size Matters

Bundle Monster Plate BM-301

Base Color: Finger Paints, Military Green

It was an overcast day and I had a hard time capturing my nail art. Disappointing because I really love how this came out. Both images are from Bundle Monster plate BM-301. I noticed this particular plate also has a stamp that looks to replicate the seran wrap mani technique so I've got a few ideas in my head to use it soon. I'm looking forward to taking my Certification Exams for H&R Block tomorrow with these nails; I'm sure I'll get a comment or two. ;-)

Essie, Size Matters was the perfect red to use for this stamping project. A little darker than traditional reds - it makes the stamping pop against the army green of Finger Paints' Military Green. I've been going through a mental tug of war with Essie; as you might or might not know, Essie used to be a Cruelty-Free brand but when L'Oreal bought them it changed things because L'Oreal conducts animal testing. If you email Essie or L'Oreal they give you a canned response that doesn't answer the question one way or another; When you get those types of responses you know they are trying to hide something and clearly they must be conducting animal testing. Peta and Leaping Bunny also confirm that L'Oreal tests on animals. If you really delve into this enormous subject you will find that in order for companies to sell worldwide they must conduct animal testing to satisfy safety tests for several countries. So, in some ways it cannot be avoided... However, if consumers don't start demanding change we won't see it. Essie was my #1 favorite brand of nail products. Essie is the brand that got me hooked. So, it was hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I can no longer buy the new Essie's or any Essie's directly from Essie because that would only put more profits into the pockets of a company that tests on animals. I really wish Essie would have been more conscientious before partnering with L'Oreal. 

So, I will try to limit the amount of Essie polishes I post here until something changes either with Essie or L'Oreal. I do have a full swatch of Size Matters HERE. It's a lovely color and if you find you must have it, try buying it second hand from a fellow polish pal or swapping for it. I want to encourage you NOT to buy products from Essie or L'Oreal so that they can learn that animal testing is not the way to go and to find alternative methods for satisfying safety tests.

This mani reminds me of my Tax Pro Zombie costume (Click HERE to see it) that I pieced together last year; I was short on cash so I 'invented' a costume and I loved it so much I'm wearing it again this year to a Halloween Party. I've actually got several Halloween Parties this year but two of them are dog related. I have created a new costume this year for my dogs and I; I purchased scrubs that are meant for children and had my mother-in-law make some alterations to them so they would fit my dogs. My little white Maltepoo, Nikki, will be wearing light pink scrubs that say NURSE IN TRAINING on the back and my Shih tzu mix, Penny, is wearing green scrubs that say DOCTOR IN TRAINING on the back. I bought myself a cheap lab coat from eBay and will be the Training Physician. Yes, I like to be silly with my pups. Wish us luck in the costume contests!


  1. Kelly! Hiiii! Do not cry out your red eye! OMG this is really amazeballz! Totally perfect for HALLOWEEN PARTIES! haHA!

    On a sadder note,I am not buying from Essie, but L'oreal I am guilty. Oh man, I love those bunnies. : ( I wish they would stop testing! I am thinking of returning the two untried L'Oreal polishes I have now..

    Hope you have a happy Halloween, and I will "see" you at my "party" tomorrow nite? ; )

    1. Hey Girl! Yep, I will definitly be at the party tomorrow nite. I will have all kinds of stuff to bore you with! Hah! I'm such a Halloween freak...

      As for animal testing... I'm super crabby that I can't buy any of the Maybelline Color Show polishes... I practically throw a tempertantrum when I see them in stores. Poor Me. Or Not. LOL Poor BUNNIES (and other animals). :-)

  2. I love how that bat looks! And that sucks about L'Oreal. I'm currently wearing 2 of their polishes. Luckly for me I don't buy L'Oreal or Essie very often. More reason not to now.

    1. Thanks, Kas! I think he's pretty cool too!

      Doesn't it suck that so many companies are still testing on animals? I mean, in this day and age we should know better and have better ways to test products for safety.

      Thanks for stopping by! Are you coming to the Halloween Blog Party at Addicted To OPI-yum tonight?


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