Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stamping with Sinful Colors, Black On Black

Stamping with Sinful Colors, Black On Black

Bundle Monster Plate 323

Base Color: Jessica, Smoky Feather

Full Sun
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Full Sun - Different Angle
I just hosted a Courvoisier® Gold House Party of Style where my friends, family, and I had the opportunity to try a new spirit called Courvoisier Rose; It's a blend of Cognac and Red Wine. We were also going to try the Courvoisier Gold but I couldn't find it stocked anywhere remotely near me. The Courvoisier Gold is a blend of Cognac and Moscato Wine. I was really hoping to try the Gold because I love Moscato; so, hopefully, they will release it in my area soon.

I don't know if you are familiar with HouseParty but it's a new way for companies to get their products into the hands of consumers (unconventional marketing; similar to cosmetic companies sending products to bloggers for review). It's also a great excuse to have a party and get free stuff. I've hosted two different parties and have gone to a few my friends have hosted. Whenever you are selected to host a party you are sent a Party Pack that contains goodies to help you host your party; in my Courvoisier Party Pack one of the items they sent me was a Vase. Since I love Halloween and had already decked my home out in Halloween Decor, I figured I would go with a Spooky Style theme for the HouseParty. I filled my Vase with black roses; had my sterling silver candelabra set on the table and used creepy cloth as my table cloth. It was eerie yet elegant. It gave me a great idea for a manicure.

I started with Jessica, Smoky Feather, a metallic that consists of a mix of gold, silver, and pewter. Once my base color was sealed with a coat of Seche Vite and was completely dry, I then used the Rose Pattern on Bundle Monster plate BM-323 to stamp on black roses. This would have turned out much better had I used a black stamping polish; unfortunately, I have yet to purchase any. Sinful Colors, Black On Black worked better than the other black polishes I own, but I can still see some transparency. I have heard that Wet n Wild, Black Creme is a good stamping polish but it wasn't available when I swung by the drugstore.

Even though Sinful Colors, Black On Black wasn't 'perfect' for stamping, I absolutely love the way this came out. A good cross between the darkness of Halloween and elegance. I will do this mani again with a better stamping polish next year.

You can check out HouseParty HERE to see what it's all about. You can sign up for FREE.

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