Friday, November 30, 2012

e.l.f., 2012 New Colors.

When I was browsing to pick out some goodies for my giveaway I noticed they had new colors listed. I tried to pull up swatches online to check them out but I couldn't find any. So, guess what?!? I bought them! I did 2 coats for each swatch just to make sure they photographed well. Check them out:

Misty Haze is a light dove grey. While I love the color, the formula is runny and thin. Careful application will avoid cuticle pooling but it didn't self level too well. The finish isn't quite glossy but not quite satin; more like a plastic look. I added top coat to my index finger and I'm still not impressed.

Green Machine is a muted dark green creme. Super creamy and saturated; could easily be a 1 coater. No top coat used; look at it shine! I love this color. It's edgy and cool.

Glamour Girl is a nude packed with golden shimmer. The formula was like butter and applied wonderfully. No top coat was used for this swatch to show the satin finish but a top coat would bring out even more of that golden shimmer. You can even see the shimmer in shade and low light.

Liquid Metal made me die. I'm so glad I bought it! It's the best silver foil I have ever met. No streaking, dragging, bare spots, or brush strokes. Applied great. It's quite possibly my favorite silver of all time.

Sorry about the bad clean up on this one...

Sea Escape is a black base packed with teal blue shimmer. The bottle looked like it would have some purple shift in it, but on the nail you only get green to blue and in between. This is an easy 1 coater. Formula was a little on the thin side but no problems with cuticle pooling. I'm not crazy about dark colors like these but for those of you who are, you're gonna love it.

Garnet is truly the perfect red garnet. A deep, glowing red gem with a hint of brown. Garnet is the birthstone for January (my birthstone) and I have had a heck of a time finding a true garnet polish. I just found it. Formula was perfect and a pleasure to apply. No top coat was needed.

I also wanted to take a moment to comment on the brushes; the individual stands of the brush are pretty uneven and you can get some wonky ones but just give them a turn and you can usually find a good side to use. They are not the best but still beat the heck out of Wet n Wild's Fastdry brushes.

Wear Test: I've heard people mention that the e.l.f. polishes chip easily so I took Garnet for a wear test to let you know how it held up. In the swatch of Garnet I didn't use any top coat but for the wear test I added a coat of Barielle's Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender. After 3 days it still looks great; very little tip wear. I do have a crack on one of my index nails but that's happening all the time because the nail is peeling in that spot and it's really flexible. I can't wait for it to grow out long enough so I can cut the bad part off. On day 4 I noticed a little more tip wear, and some surface scratches but nothing serious. No big chips; in fact it looks really nice still. This actually held up better than some of my more expensive polishes. This polish saw me through a migraine, a company meeting, working (mostly data entry type of work), and the tail end of my chest cold.

My least favorite of the bunch would have to be Misty Haze; the formula was just kinda blah. As for my favorite... I have a hard time choosing! I love Green Machine, Liquid Metal, and Garnet. I love the new colors they added; they did an excellent job. You can buy them online at for $2 each.

Note: e.l.f. is a huge supporter of PETA and the Cruelty Free movement. They even have the PETA bunny logo on their website. Whooo Hooo!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the swatches, do you know if Liquid Metal stamps?


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