Friday, November 2, 2012

Wet n Wild Fastdry, Behind Closed Doors. (Happy Birthday, Burt!)

Wet n Wild Fastdry, Behind Closed Doors. 3 coats.

Today is my husband's (Burt) birthday. He's 37!!! Wow, I can't believe it! If you knew him you wouldn't believe it either; he's a big kid and has a baby face to match. He doesn't read blogs but I still want to send him a big virtual Happy Birthday, Buuuuuurt! I love him very much; he's my soul mate. Fun Fact: I'm a Capricorn and Burt is a Scorpio. The Capricorn / Scorpio combo is one of the strongest in the zodiac. I don't really invest too much in the zodiac but I do find it interesting. I have a lot of the typical traits of a Capricorn however, I have found that being with a Scorpio has taught me to let go of some of my rigid traits and I am much more spontaneous now... A big trait of Scorpio.

Ok, enough mush. Let's get to the fun! Last night I sat down with him and gave him a selection of polish to chose his 3 favorites from:

From Left to Right: Icing Magnetix, Grey - ManGlaze, Fuggen Ugly - e.l.f., Metal Madness - Cult Nails, Cruisin' Nude - Pure ICE, Touch Me Softy - Cult Nails, Iconic - Essie, Escapades - WnW, Behind Closed Doors -
Daring Digits, Catching Fire. 

His favorite colors are red and grey. He also likes natural nails, that's why I threw in the nude.

He narrowed it down to:
- ManGlaze, Fuggen Ugly (Shimmery matte charcoal grey)
- Wet n Wild Fastdry, Behind Closed Doors (Various red and magenta glitters in a sheer black base)
- Icing Magnetix, No Name (Grey shimmer with silver glitter)

I then left the final decision to my minions, Nikki & Penny. Check out their latest video:

As I'm sure you've already figured out, they chose Wet n Wild's Behind Closed Doors. This polish is from last years Fall Collection called On The Prowl. These were causing a lot of excitement in Nailand back then. I was lucky enough to score the glitters I wanted. Check out my swatches of Cougar Attack & Correction Tape.

I hate the brushes on these Fastdry's! O.M.G. They. Are. The. Worst. I decant a portion of the polish into another, smaller, bottle to avoid the nasty brush. The sheer black jelly base is super duper watery and sheer. You must work carefully to get good application. I also had to do 3 coats to get it to build up nicely. Of course wrapping your tips with this would be a nightmare so I actually wrapped my tips with Sinful Colors, Black On Black before applying Behind Closed Doors.

Normally, I hate 3 coaters but because this is a Fastdry it didn't take very long for all the layers to dry. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite. I love these types of polishes; they blow my mind and this dark color looks chic on my short tips. My entourage did a great job in selecting this polish. Are you a fan of these types of polishes too?


  1. This color looks great on you! So funny, my hubby's bday is today too :)

    1. Thanks, Skeeter! I hope your Scorpio Man had a wonderful birthday too!


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