Monday, December 24, 2012

Cult Nails, Cruisin' Nude.

Cult Nails, Cruisin' Nude. 2 coats.


Closeup to show the shimmer.

I'm gonna have to tell you that this is easily my favorite polish of 2012. It wasn't released in 2012, but I didn't get it til' 2012 so it still counts. I love neutrals but I've always had problems finding a good nude that works with my skin tone. This one is perfect and the pink shimmer is lovely.

The formula is a little on the thick side, but still easy to apply. I did experience some bubbling which is probably the result of the thick formula but a coat of Seche Vite fixed the bubbling. This was almost a 1 coater but there were a few sheer spots so I did a 2nd coat. The brush is nice; the perfect length and width. It fanned out nicely on my nail and made application a breeze. Dry time was average. On my ring finger a fine black piece of fuzz landed on my nail as I was applying my top coat. Does that not drive you crazy?!? There was no way I was going to be able to get it off without destroying the paint job.

I'm planning on using this as a base color for my Christmas mani but I really love it and look forward to wearing it on it's own soon. My Christmas nails will be up at 12:00 noon PST.

I want to apologize for my very rough looking cuticles in the photo; this cold weather is really killing my skin. I've been moisturizing like crazy and it's just not helping. I think I need to look for a new moisturizing treatment or something. Can you guys recommend any intensive treatments that will help my dry hands and cuticles? 

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