Monday, December 24, 2012

KBShimmer, Candy Cane Crush.

KBShimmer, Candy Cane Crush. 1 coat over:

Cult Nails, Cruisin' Nude.



I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Eve and are ready for Christmas... Today my husband and I will be with my parents and tomorrow we will be with his family. I like it this way because we don't have to rush with either of our families. I've got a very small family; it's just my mom and my dad and they are flexible so it works out really well. My husbands family is bigger than mine, but not huge. A lot of his family still works too, so Christmas Day works best for them. The only down fall to the hubby and I spending 2 days with family is that our brand new couch is at home and we can't enjoy it! Ha! This year we decided to spruce up our family room for Christmas; Our couch was broken and our TV was on it's last leg. We've been dealing with the broken couch for a year and the TV started getting this line at the top of screen about 6 months ago. It had been gradually getting worse. We had bottom of the line stuff for about 7 years because we had to buy all our house stuff when we bought our first home, but since we had saved up a considerable amount of money we were actually able to move up! The couch is a firmer density than most couches and feels like memory foam; it even has the Chaise Lounge I've been dying to get. The TV has blown our minds. I am so not kidding. It's a 47" LG LED Flat screen. It's a Smart TV, Has Passive 3D and full 3D, Wifi, the works! We scored at Best Buy; it was in their 'Open Box' Section for $800. Yeah, normally it's $1800.00. I was like 'SOLD!!!' Bwaaa Ha Ha! The husband and I had no idea how different this TV would be in comparison to our old TV... Our mouths literally dropped open when we watched our first movie on it. The passive 3D and screen quality makes it look like you're watching everything in real life. No joke. We are still kind of thrown. I watched an older movie that had a preview of the re-release of E.T. and I about fell off the couch. We are eager to watch every movie we own all over again.

Ok, sorry to have rambled on about our gifts, but it's a really nice Christmas for us. We have had to sacrifice a lot of the nicer things due to our financial hardships so this is almost hard to believe we are actually able to get these things. We also know it's not about the 'things' you get at this time of year. Our favorite thing about this time of year is just us being together, watching Christmas movies, cuddling, and enjoying our time together. Loving on our pets too!

As you can see I layered an awesome glitter over Cruisin' Nude; KBShimmer's Candy Cane Crush.  I spent a considerable amount of time with a nail wheel trying to pinpoint the perfect base for CCC. I wanted this glitter to stand out as the star of the show and Cruisin' Nude was the perfect base. All of the glitters in CCC are matte glitters in various sizes; there's more white than red. The quality of the glitter used in this is obvious, they lay perfectly flat and look great! Again, it's apparent that KBShimmer has quality in mind and that makes me want to buy even more from them.

Since CCC is packed with glitter, you will have a thick formula. I placed a dollop of this polish at the base of my nail, wiped the brush clean on the neck of the bottle, and then spread the polish over my nail. This is typically the best way to apply thick glitter so you won't have glops of polish running down your brush as you polish. I manipulated the glitter a little here and there. The extra large red hexes are hard to get out but KBShimmer recommends pulling the brush straight up out of the bottle to grab those larger pieces.

This suspension base is a little thicker than most glitter polishes but it helps you get more glitter onto your nail; because of this base it takes a little longer to dry than most glitters, but not too long. It dries pretty gritty so I used 2 coats of Gelous and 1 coat of Seche Vite to get a nice smooth surface. Oh, and I don't want to forget to tell you it's scented! It's got this fantastic Vanilla Peppermint scent... Oh. My. Lord. My favorite scent. Even after all my top coats I could still smell it and it didn't fade. It faded considerably on day two though. I've heard some people mention that the clear base is slightly tinted due to the scent but I didn't notice it on my base color.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you are celebrating! Thanks for joining me here on my blog. I hope you all get exactly what you are wishing for and that you don't overly stress out about anything. Take a few moments for yourselves and relive some happy moments from your past. Smile. Laugh. Giggle. Enjoy.

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