Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kell's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway - Day 9!

On the 9th day of Christmas, Kell gave to you...

3 Twistband Hair ties & 3 Twistband Headbands. 

A Twist! Or rather, Twistbands! If you follow me on my Facebook page you might have seen me post about Twistbands. I have a confession to make: I could not live without scrunchies before Twistbands came along. Even long after scrunchies had become lame and uncool I still needed them because they were the only way to tie my hair back really well without damaging my hair when it came time to take them out. I have lots and lot of hair. Everyone gets confused when I say I have fine yet thick hair; it means each stand is very thin, but there's tons of them! It's a serious chore to care for and my hairdresser knows my name only because it takes her 3 hours to get through my hair. To look at it you would never imagine I have that much hair but it's in there, I promise you.

Twistbands are perfect to tie my hair back when painting my nails because I can slide the twistband out when I'm done and it doesn't even look like my hair was in a pony or headband. They are delicate, yet hold well. They are not quite as tight as traditional hair bands but I only use a traditional hair band when working out. Otherwise, I like a slightly loser, relaxed hold. You can learn more at

For your prize I selected the Coco Cheetah Hair Tie Set (1 white, 1 dark brown, and 1 brown cheetah print) and the Neon Pink Plaid Headband Set (1 light grey, 1 light tan, and 1 neon pink plaid print).

After looking around the Twistband site as well as PETA and Leaping Bunny, I emailed Twistband and wrote them on their Facebook page. They wrote back and let me know that they do not test on animals nor do they use any supplies from 3rd parties who conduct any animal testing.

Click HERE to see all 12 Day's Prizes (or rather the ones I've already revealed).

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