Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nicole by OPI, A Gold Winter's Night.

Nicole by OPI, A Gold Winter's Night. 3 coats.

Good grief, I'm wearing a Kardashian Kolor. I never thought it would come to this... but this glitter actually impressed the heck outta me when I saw The PolishAholic post a swatch of it. I loved it. I thought I might put it on and not like it as much but I was wrong. I dig it. Alot. It's kind of a unique glitter in that it is totally blinged out but the tone is very much like a nude. The bar glitter is very fine and easy to work with so you don't have issues with them poking every which way. It consists of super fine gold tinsel, slightly larger green holo tinsel (or bar glitter; however you refer to it), and pale pink micro glitter.

The formula is somewhat sheer, so you have the option of layering, but you can easily build it up using 3 coats on it's own which is what I did here (I hardly ever do that). My tips are not wrapped because this would only give me stray glitters hanging off the edge so I avoided doing that. You really can't tell because of the color or the glitter. Each coat dried pretty quickly so it wasn't a problem doing 3 coats. It did dry with some grit to it. I used 1 coat of Gelous Gel Coat and then a coat of Seche Vite; It smoothed it out completely. I'm loving the Gelous; it makes my nails rock hard so I don't have to worry about breaks.

I wore this to a Ho Ho Hoey Rockin' Holiday Concert. It wasn't as good as last years' show because Lita Ford joined Gary onstage and they ended up mostly playing her stuff; new and old. I wouldn't have minded, except I paid for the tickets to hear Gary Hoey's Holiday Music, not Lita Ford's Release Party. I didn't even get to hear my favorite one but I posted it here for you to enjoy!

(The animated movie is not associated with the music; it was simply cut and clipped to go with the music.)

Note: OPI is owned by Coty which is a company that tests it's products on animals. OPI has pledged to continue their commitment to being a cruelty-free company. I know this is an area that gets a little gray and different people have different views. While I agree that Coty is more than likely making a profit and seeing some income from the purchase of OPI products, I also agree with PETA's belief that OPI can be an example of a company who can make the cruelty-free commitment and still be profitable (actually, they could see a higher profit due to meeting the concerns of their consumers). It's my goal in purchasing OPI products that it will create a friendly link where we can educate other companies and welcome other companies to join in the cruelty free movement. I know that there is a great deal of passion involved in the cruelty-free movement, but sometimes we end up talking down to those who do not follow our lead and it doesn't leave people with a positive message. It's about providing information and education in a positive environment so people feel they are making a positive change. Because it is just that: A positive change.

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