Tuesday, January 29, 2013

butter London, Lady Muck.

butter London, Lady Muck. 2 coats.



Hey There! I really wish I could find more time to paint my nails but I've already been working tons or overtime and it's only going to increase. The one day off I had on Saturday was the only day I was able to paint my nails. It had been a gloomy couple of days and I decided to match my nails to the weather.

Lady Muck is pretty darn amazing. Excellent formula; it went on beautifully and while it was slightly sheer, it was still opaque enough for me at two coats. The brush fanned out on my nail nicely. Dry time was pretty good and I finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite. You can see where I have a bit of a bald spot on my middle nail from where a little floating hair landed and I pulled it off while the polish was still wet. I forgot to fill in the area with polish. Oh well. I love the silver shimmer in this. What's even better is butter London has the Leaping Bunny symbol on their bottles (Go butter London!). I seriously need to add more of these polishes to my collection... Yes, they are a bit pricey, but their colors, formula, and cruelty free commitment make them big winners in my book.


  1. Kelly! You got a butter! It's a really nice one, too. I like Lady Muck and it looks great on you. Keep an eye out for Ulta sales. You have to make sure the bottles are still sealed but they will sometimes run a buy 2 get 1 sale which brings the price point down quite a bit.

    I love it, girl!

    1. Thanks, Lady! I know... I missed that sale last year cause I was super broke... LOL. Won't miss it this year! ;-)

    2. I'm a total slacker...sorry! They have sales at weird times. Definitely get signed up for their mailing list. Mailing lists ROCK. Love the FO&D...currently trying to figure out if you just order the ManGlazes with the special names like normal or if it's a luck of the draw thing...I'll support that statement. Isn't that a great polish, too? Loves it.


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