Saturday, February 23, 2013

Barielle's Sweet Treats Collection for Spring 2013.

Barielle, Green Apple Chew. 2 coats. (Index and Middle)

Barielle, Lilac Jelly Bean. 2 coats. (Ring and Pinky)

Green Apple Chew & Lilac Jelly Bean. With Gelous and Barielle's Ulta Speed Dry Manicure Extender top coat.
 I got a special delivery from Barielle again... the Sweet Treats Collection! These colors are a treat for the eyeballs... a mix of brights, pastels, and a shimmer. Of course I tended to lean towards the shimmery Blue Cotton Candy first but then I quickly found my favorite to be the bright Green Apple Chew which is reminiscent of the H&R Block green. After doing wheel swatches I also liked the muted pastel of Lilac Jelly Bean. I thought they would work well together.

Here are nail wheel swatches; each color is shown in 3 different finishes:
- No Top Coat on the Left
- With Barielle's MATTE-INEE Matte Finish in the Middle
- With Barielle's Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender on the Right

Green Apple Chew

Banana Drop

Lilac Jelly Bean

Blue Cotton Candy

Orange Parfait

The formula on the brights and pastels is a little thick and I found the brushes didn't play well with these polishes. Green Apple Chew and Banana Drop were a little streaky and had leveling issues. Lilac Jelly Bean is almost a one coater, but it had some leveling issues as well. Orange Parfait was a little sheer on the first coat, but became opaque with the second coat. Blue Cotton Candy has a great formula and is very easy to apply. It's an easy one coater too. I added a few drops of thinner to Green Apple Chew and Lilac Jelly Bean before doing my nails.

I also did a quick comparison for you with Orange Parfait and found it to be a muted version of Essence Colour & Go in What Do You Think? I also looked at Gotta Have Fate which is much more vibrant and saturated than Orange Parfait. I actually prefer Gotta Have Fate.

Essence Colour & Go in What Do You Think? vs. Orange Parfait

Gotta Have Fate vs. Orange Parfait

The Sweet Treats Collection will be available starting March 1st.

Available at fine salons and

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