Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dollish Polish and Heart Stamping. (Happy Valentine's Day!)

Dollish Polish, Looking For My Mr. Big. 2 coats.

Stamping with Bundle Monster Plate BM-317 and Wet n Wild, Wild Shine in Black Creme.

Outdoors, Sunlight.

Stamping with Bundle Monster plate BM-317

 I'm a huge fan of Sex In The City; I have all of the seasons on DVD and the movies too. When I saw The PolishAholic post this I knew I had to have it. It's also perfect for Valentine's Day. It's a warm lavender with a delicate holo shine. While I always thought Big was an asshole (and still do) I can also attest that many times your love can get stronger when tested. If you can make it through the rough patches; you will find an even stronger bond waiting on the other side. As for me, I've already found my Mr. Big... er... well, no, my husband is nothing like Big. He's better because he would never mess with my heart like that.

As for the polish it's nothing like Big either. It's easy to work with, much like a jelly. Initially I thought it was going be a little too sheer, but it's not. It's nicely opaque in two easy coats. It also dried very quickly which was a nice surprise. No issues with dragging or bare spots. The brush is nice and thick and helps to give nice coverage. It's a lovely polish and very flattering with my skin tone. The holo effect is delicate but obvious; more apparent on the nail than in the bottle.

It's been a while since I've done any stamping, and I honestly didn't think I would be able to find the time to do it, but I surprised myself. I used Bundle Monster plate BM-317 and stamped on a heart pattern using Wet n Wild, Wild Shine in Black Creme. I have been looking for this black polish for months and finally found it at Wal Mart. Yay! I had Konad's Special Stamping Polish in Black but since I cannot confirm if they are Cruelty Free, I needed to find an alternative. Top coat caused a little smearing but I still think it's super cute and I am happy with the results. I took these photos with my phone; not too shabby, right?!? For Valentine's Day I will be stuck at work (probably for over 10 hours)... but I hope you all have a wonderful day and show yourselves some love. <3

(P.S.) I wanted to make a note on the Spectraflair pigment used in holographic polish. After reading the MSDS sheet, I found that Spectraflair is an Aluminum compound. Aluminum is a carcinogen; a material known to cause cancer. When using Spectraflair in it's dry form it is important to use a respirator, eye protection, and latex gloves. It is very light and can easily be inhaled or float into eyes and cause irritation of the mucus membranes. However, when mixed into a liquid, like paint, or polish, it will not separate and will not pose an initial threat. I also discovered that Spectraflair is not an approved ingredient for use in most cosmetics. I also googled quite a lot on the subject and found many claims that Spectraflair is not cruelty free, however, when reading the MSDS sheets it does state the following:

This product has not been tested for aquatic or animal toxicity. Because of the form of this product, no significant environmental impact is anticipated; however, all releases to terrestrial, atmospheric and aquatic environments should be avoided.

It does appear that components of Spectraflair have been tested on animals:

TOXICITY DATA: The specific toxicology data are available for the components of this product:

ALUMINUM: TCLo (Inhalation-Man) 4 mg/m3/1 year-intermittent: Lungs, Thorax, or Respiration: cough; Lungs, Thorax, or Respiration: dyspnea; Nutritional and Gross Metabolic: weight loss or decreased weight gain
TCLo (Inhalation-Rat) 206 mg/m3/5 hours/30 days-intermittent: Lungs, Thorax, or Respiration: fibrosis (interstitial); Endocrine: hypoglycemia; Blood: changes in serum composition (e.g. TP, bilirubin, cholesterol)
TDLo (Oral-Rat) 1260 mg/kg: Multi-generation: Reproductive: Effects on Newborn: behavioral, physical, other postnatal measures or effects
TDLo (Unreported-Rat) 67.5 mg/kg: female 2-27 day(s) after conception: Reproductive: Effects on Newborn: behavioral, Effects on Newborn: delayed effects
Rats injected with 100 mg aluminum powder directly into the trachea showed scarring in the lungs. Animals given about 1400 ppm aluminum in the diet had decreased phosphorus in the blood and bone. Aluminum particles implanted in rabbit eyes caused slight inflammation.

MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE: LD50 (Oral-Rat) 2330 mg/kg
LDLo (Oral-Guinea Pig) 1 g/kg

PROPYLENE GLYCOL n-PROPYL ETHER: Skin Irritancy (rabbit) = 500 mg
Eye Irritancy (rabbit) = 100 mg; moderate
LD50 (oral, rat) = 2504 mg/kg
LD50 (skin, rabbit) = 3550 mg/kg

I can understand why some would assume that Spectraflair is not cruelty free because the components have been tested on animals, however, I think it would be safe to say that many cruelty free products are made using products that were once tested on animals. Perhaps the product is no longer tested on animals but at one point it had been. Spectraflair seems to be a controversial ingredient and I will continue my research on it.

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  1. Gosh, I should've read this before I became obsessed with Holos! Good information to know. Thanks Kelly!


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