Saturday, February 9, 2013

Misa, BreakAway.

Misa, BreakAway. 2 coats.

Outdoors - Overcast weather.

Indoors - Incandescent Lighting.

Indoor - Flash. Check out that shimmer.

Outdoors - Sunlight.

I've been working 10 - 14 hour days in the tax office lately so bear with me as I am pretty darn exhausted. However, every Saturday I absolutely have to paint my nails. Last Saturday I went with this lovely warm toned purple from Misa's Wanderlust Collection. Off topic: The hubby and I watched the movie Wanderlust last weekend and it was pretty good but at the end when they are doing out takes is when we laughed the most. Paul Rudd has some moments where he just kills it.

BreakAway is a very opaque plum cream with some hidden shimmer. It ended up drying on my nail a little darker than in the bottle but it's still a great color. Formula was excellent and applied very smoothly. Their flat tipped brush makes application a breeze in 3 easy strokes. I love their square bottles too. Dry time was average. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to take photos in sunshine. I took a quick photo of my nail wheel swatch for you today in the sun so you could see more of the shimmer.

Also, my camera has decided to start acting up. It's giving me error messages when I try to upload photos off of it. I was lucky to have managed to get these photos off of it. I'm wondering if I should try a new memory card or if I should just replace the entire camera. Not too mention it's not exactly a good time for this to happen; today is my only day off and I don't feel like shopping for cameras and accessories. Oh, Bother. I sure hope things are going better for the rest of you.


  1. That's a gorgeous color on you! Amazing swatch! I'm sorry your camera is acting up. You might try taking out the memory card and plug that in and take pics off the memory card instead of plugging the camera in? Good Luck!

    1. Thanks, Michaela! I gave up on my camera and have been using my cell phone. In sunlight it works pretty darn good. That will have to do until tax season is over. :-)


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