Sunday, March 17, 2013

Illamasqua, Mottle. (Happy St. Patty's Day!)

Illamasqua, Mottle. 2 coats.

The great part of Tax Season is I actually work steady and earn a decent paycheck. Especially this year; I've had at least 40 hours a week... and a lot of overtime. Kind of hurts my commission in the end, but the moments I'm not working I can shop online and spend some of my hard earned cash. Usually, I can't splurge on pricey products because I'm rocking unemployment the rest of the year.

I've especially noticed the new Illamasqua Collection, IMPERFECTION, popping up on blogs all over the place. I've never bought from them in the past but this new collection is really cool. I also dig the message behind it; celebrating who you really are... Imperfections and all. I splurged and picked up Mottle and Speckle. I'm not disapointed in the least; in fact I'm impressed and look forward to buying more of their polish. Not only was the formula killer, but the glitter has the perfect ratio and distribution on the nail and it dried very quickly. The bottles are awesome too; the beveled edge looks so classy yet modern.

Mottle is a pale mint green packed with matte black hexagons in all different sizes. The formula is thick but not difficult to apply; it suspends the glitter perfectly (it doesn't all sink to the bottom). I didn't have to manipulate the glitter or polish at all. It was super easy to apply and the brush fanned out nicely on the nail; it held just enough polish without causing glops of polish to roll down the brush yet it applied thinly enough to dry quickly. The 1st coat went on a little sheer, but the 2nd evened it all out. Also, the square top does come off to give you a nice base to hold while polishing; it also gives you the ability to make sure it lines up perfectly with the bottle so it's not crooked (who else hates that?). It dried only slightly textured, not rough or gritty. I finished it all off with a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite.

Illamasqua is Cruelty-Free. You can find their products at many Sephora stores and online at

I also recently bought the CND Shellac system with my half of our tax return refund. I am super excited to start working with it but I need to go out and buy some alcohol for nail prep and the final step of the Shellac procedure. I bought 10 colors and have been looking at all the different layering options on the CND website. Some days I wish I could just live in my polish room and lose my mind. LOL 

I hope you're all wearing green today so you don't get pinched!

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