Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shimmer Nail Polish, Kelly. (2nd Look Anyone???)

On Tuesday, March 5th H&R Block had a 2nd Look Rally Day... Do you know what a 2nd Look is? If not, it's where we take a second look at a return that was prepared by another tax preparing service or done by the taxpayer themselves either by pen and paper or on an online tax prep site. Basically it's a way for us to show you how good we are at preparing taxes as well as to check your returns for accuracy and we just might find deductions or credits that were missed. It's a huge thing H&R Block has implemented because it gives everyone a chance to get know our service. Plus, we offer this service for Free to all new clients.

For every new client who brought us a prior year return to look at, they got entered into a drawing to win a $25 VISA Gift Card. There was also an incentive that the Tax Pro with the most 2nd Looks in the Region (All of So. Cal) would win an Apple i Product of their choice. I had a ton of 2nd Looks to work on. I even had an awesome success story where I found a client $1000.00 through missed energy credits. Pretty cool, right?

Well, first I want to show you the manicure I rocked for the event. The weather has been so on and off that I had a really hard time capturing the mani on camera so I also did some nail wheel swatches as well. Basically, my nails looked like a leprechaun's pot of gold. Very sparkly and blingy. I started with 2 coats of Zoya's Ziv, a shimmery gold foil. I then topped it with 1 coat of Shimmer, Kelly.

Shimmer, Kelly. 1 coat. Indoors; not the best picture.

Zoya, Ziv. 2 coats. Indoors; not the best picture.
With a coat of Gelous & Seche Vite.

On the nail wheel I tried 3 different base colors and got completely different looks for each:

1) China Glaze, White On White
2) Zoya, Ziv
3) OPI, Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!
As you can see Kelly had really great coverage with just 1 coat:

1. 2. & 3. Outdoors.

Ziv is great in that it's got added shimmer that makes the formula very easy to apply and without visible brushstrokes. It was a little sheer and could have used a 3rd coat if I wasn't planning on putting a glitter over it. It's not quite a pale gold, but not as yellow as traditional gold.

Kelly is a great mix of green, gold, and holographic glitter in a clear base. Very dense and loaded with glitter. It was pretty easy to apply even though it's thick but dried very gritty. I used a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite to smooth it out.

The next day I found out I was the Tax Pro with the most 2nd Looks in my District (Riverside and Moreno Valley). It was still unknown if I was a contender in the Region. However, I got this email from the Regional Manager, So I was definitely amped up:

Sadly, a few days later I found out that I didn't win the Regional contest; a Tax Pro with 40 2nd Looks did... Really?!? 40?!? I honestly can't imagine someone being able to do 40 2nd Looks in one day. I was there for 12 hours that day just to get all 19 of mine done. I was expecting someone to beat me by like 2 or 3, not by over 20. All is not lost though, I got a $25 MasterCard. :-) I was also able to catapult my office into the limelight which I know was very important. So, I'm good with the results. (Next year I'm going for broke! LOL)

You can buy Shimmer Nail Polish at www.shimmyshimmer.com and Zoya at www.zoya.com.


  1. congratulations on your placing! 19 is pretty amazing :) well done!


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