Friday, May 24, 2013

Dollish Polish, Penny... Penny... Penny... (Happy Birthday, Penny!)

Dollish Polish, Penny... Penny... Penny... 4 coats.

Outdoors, Full Sun.

Indoors, Natural Light.

 This past Tuesday was one of my little dogs', Penny's, 4th birthday! Of course I had to wear a 'Penny' polish, and it wasn't easy choosing one; I have so many. This one is actually quite perfect because I even had this set as my ring tone on my Android Smart phone; sadly, I can't find the ring tone for my new iPhone.

First we will cover the details of this polish; this is from Dollish Polish's The Big Bang Theory Collection. I really just wanted this polish but after seeing the others in the collection I decided to treat myself and get the entire collection. I'm not a huge glitter person but I really like the variation used for these glitters so I actually can see myself using them all; I've already used I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested and it will be up shortly.

Penny... Penny... Penny... is a pale peach shimmery milky base with multi sized copper glitter. It took me 4 coats to get it nice and opaque; although at times I see a bit of visible nail line peeking through. Normally I hate doing this many coats but surprise, surprise each coat dried quite quickly. It also isn't gritty at all. The formula is thick in order to suspend the glitter but not difficult to apply; I would suggest  being patient in application and it will glide on nicely. I also appreciate that the large square caps pull off to reveal smaller caps to hold onto for application. I finished this mani off with a coat of Gelous and then Seche Vite; my polishing staples. I just love the rock hard gel finish I get from this combo.

You can purchase Dollish Polish online at It's a very popular indie shop so your best bet is to keep tabs on restocks by following the Dollish Polish Facebook Page.

 Penny's birthday was a very fun day filled with doing all the fun things a dog named Penny would like to do... such as:
- Playing tennis ball.
- Playing Frisbee.
- Going for a car ride.
- Visiting PetSmart.
- Visiting Jackboy's Dog Bakery.
and last but not least...
- No rules!

When celebrating my dogs' birthdays they don't get dressed up in outfits or have to do anything that I want... it's all about them having a 'dog day', so its a day filled with pure puppy fun. Here are some pictures of the birthday girl (who by the way is a total camera hog)!

Penny has a Facebook Page too... She's not a heavy Facebooker so if you 'Like' her you can rest assured she won't clog up your newsfeed. :-)


  1. This looks very pretty with your skin! I'm really loving the milky-looking polishes this year. And happy birthday to Penny! :)

    1. Thank you!

      Were you able to see the photos of Penny in the Photobucket Widget? I'm wondering if it is working...

    2. Not at first but now it's working. What a beautiful little baby! :)

    3. Oh good, it's a beta widget so I was curious if it would work. Thank you, she is my little monkey. ;-)


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