Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lynnderella, Connect the Dots.

Lynnderella, Connect the Dots. 1 coat over:

Barielle, Sweet Addiction & Cosmic Kiss.

 Did I really just post a Lynnderella?!? I did! I did!

I bought this sooo long ago (back before it was a chore to purchase) and then the drama hit and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. If you don't know about the drama that ensued; just do a little digging and you will quickly find it - along with a lot of opinions. Me, I'm gonna keep my opinion to myself. While, you won't see me buying any more Lynnderella creations I did buy some back in the Early Indie years (not that long ago; I'm just being silly) and I've since used the other two I bought but this one was waiting... waiting for the right moment. That moment is now.

Whenever I do an accent nail I feel I need something to pull it together; in my last post I mentioned this color combo reminded me of the 90's.... Well, now it's even more 90's... add a little black and white and it looks like the patterned shorts/shirt/skort you rocked back then. Girl, you know it's true. (That's a Milli Vanilli reference right there)

Connect the Dots was one of the first (possibly the first) black and white glitter polish that caused a landslide of similar glitter polishes to be made and sold like wildfire. Is it really all that great? Yeah, it really is. This polish is loaded with glitter; you get plenty of of varying black and white glitters with no need to fish for them. I used one thin coat for all of my nails. I especially love the shimmery base the glitter is suspended in; it's not thick or goopey at all. It was very easy to apply and dried very quickly. I then encased it in a coat of Gelous and then Seche Vite. It was a little bumpy, but not as gritty as some others.

I don't exactly know where Lynnderella is selling her lacquers but the last I heard she was on eBay. I don't even know if she still sells Connect the Dots either. There are tons of different variations out there; the most well known being Ninja Polish's version called Sticks n' Stones. Look around; you might find another one you like even better.  

I also wanted to give you a heads up on a new Barielle Sweepstakes starting Sunday, May 5th through Monday, May 27th. You can enter to win one of 10 Mani-Pedi Spa Kits. These kits consist of:

Your choice of One 5 Pack Nail Color Set (Retail $25.00)
1 - Nail Rebuilding Protein Base Coat (Retail $17.50)
1 - Nail Strengthener Cream (Retail $17.00)
1-  No Chip Speed Dry Topcoat (Retail $12.50)
1 - Total Foot Care Cream 2.5 oz. (Retail $12.00)
1 - Professional Protective Hand Cream 2.5 oz. (Retail $8.00)
Total Retail Value of $92.00!

There will also be One Grand Prize Winner who will receive a Mani-Pedi Spa Kit and a Michael Kors Wallet. The Wallet has a Retail Value of over $100.00. I can't wait to see what it looks like!

Be sure to 'Like' the Barielle Fan Page on Facebook so you know the moment they start the sweeps... and Good Luck!


  1. OMG Milli Vanilli Hahaha that is a blast from the past. Nice Lynn there Kelly! The polish that started it all! If you were going to have one Lynn, that is a good one to own.

    The Hard Candy black tie optional is a great dupe for this. CTD looks really good over your teal and pink. You nailed it Kelly, this would have matched my skort set perfectly ! LOL

    1. LOL! Don't worry, I am fairly certain I had more than a few pieces like this too!

      Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by! ;-)


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