Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ManGlaze, Mink Mitten. (7 Days of Purple for Cancer Awareness & Prevention)

ManGlaze, Mink Mitten. 2 coats.

How to begin? How about... This is freaking awesome! I love this silvery lavender foil; I didn't think I would like this color on me but I really love it. I seriously wanted to keep it on. Screw all the other purple posts. No, No, I can't do that! (Bummer!)

ManGlaze is the king of all matte polishes; the formula is butter and they all apply really great. I have never had a bad ManGlaze polish. I know matte polishes don't normally have the greatest of staying power but I still love them. This one is a perfect foil finish; not a brush stroke in sight, just shimmery shiny goodness. The other great thing about mattes is they dry super quick so if you need a speedy mani just go for a matte. On this I applied two coats really quickly with no dragging or anything. I also appreciate that the formula is the perfect viscosity so it makes application pretty much goof proof; the brush is good too. I got a perfect line up to my cuticle and no clean up necessary.

You can buy ManGlaze at a few different places; they have their own website, an Amazon site, and a Facebook Store. Take your pick!

For Day 2 of 7 Days of Purple for Cancer Awareness & Prevention I have for your reading pleasure an article about carcinogens. Whenever I say that word everyone looks at me like 'I've heard that word before but have no idea what it is.'. A carcinogen is a substance that causes cancer; they all vary as to the degree they can cause cancer but they all do have some negative affect on you. It's hard to remember all the different carcinogens but one I always remember is Aluminum. I remember when I first found out that it was a carcinogen and I thought to myself 'Oh, shoot, I use aluminum foil to remove my nail polish.'. I was way off. Aluminum is a hazard to you when it is in powder or liquid form and you either ingest it or it comes into contact with mucus membranes. So, for example, a popular example for those of us in the nail polish community would be Spectraflair. That's the powder that makes a lot of polishes holographic. It is also used in automotive paint. If that stuff floats into your eyes you will experience irritation. Long term exposure to it causes cancer.

Cancer Schmancer is a great organization that looks at all the different aspects of your life and how it relates to cancer. Their Environmental Do's and Don'ts are great ways to reduce your risk of coming into contact with carcinogens.

Of course I also want to remind you that I am currently raising money for the American Cancer Society. Any amount you can give will help me reach my goal of $100 and will all go straight to the ACS so they can continue their fight against cancer. You can donate online using this secure website: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/ECNORCO

Again, if you have any questions or comments you can leave a comment here or send me an email.

Here's a quick link to Day 1!

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