Saturday, June 8, 2013

Celebrating 40 years with Miguel's Jr.!

Index & Middle: Duri, Cognac XO. 2 coats.

Ring & Pinkie: China Glaze, Solar Powered. 3 coats.

Stamping done with Bundle Monster Plate BM-301 and Konad Special Polish in Green.

Here in Corona, CA (Inland Empire, Southern California) we have a Mexican Restaurant that started as  a hole-in-the wall local favorite and pretty soon grew to be a very well known Mexican fast food chain here in SoCal. It holds particular importance to me because I remember frequently going there with my best friend and her family back when we were teenagers. Back then it was in a building that was very unassuming and set back from the main street. The prices were low and the food was hearty. These days there is now a very fancy building, custom made, that houses Miguel's Restaurant. There are several Miguel's Jr.'s throughout SoCal and many more are in demand by their fans. I don't go to the restaurant much anymore (although, I was just there yesterday for $4 Margaritas & Anniversary Nachos) but I frequent the Miguel's Jr. close to my house. I love their hot sauce! I also love their BRC's (Bean Rice & Cheese Burrito). Yesterday they celebrated 40 years in Corona and of course I had to join in!

Duri, Cognac XO is my new replacement for Essie, Very Structured. THIS is what I was hoping Very Structured would be like on the nail. I love this color; it's like a brick red mixed with a burnt orange and it is so rich looking. The formula is great too; the consistency is perfect and very easy to apply. I also love their brush, it's a wide flat tipped brush that fans over the nail nicely. I look forward to wearing this again.

China Glaze, Solar Power is a shimmery yellow. Out of the yellows I have tried I like this one the best. It still required 3 coats and it is streaky like typical yellows, but I found it dried pretty quickly and I love the shimmer in it. There's just something about yellow that cheers me up instantly. The consistency was a little thin but I will take that over a thick yellow any day.

This photo shows the colors without top coat or stamping yet.
I finished off my nails by stamping a design from Bundle Monster Plate BM-301 on my ring and pinkie nails. I used Konad Special Nail Polish in Green. I have been trying to find out if Konad is cruelty free but I'm having trouble verifying it. When I google it I get conflicting information. I saw a post on the Konad discussion boards where someone who appeared to be a Konad employee said they did not test on animals. I sent a message requesting confirmation that they don't test nor do they use materials from other sources that test on animals but I never received a response. So, for the time being I will be using Konad products. I added a coat of Seche Vite to all my nails.

My inspiration
Penny says: Xcuse me!!! I need moar hawt sauz...
Yes, it took the anniversary of a food joint to get me to do some more stamping!!! Yay!!! If you are curious about Miguel's Jr. you can find them on Facebook. Does food inspire you as well???

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