Sunday, June 16, 2013

China Glaze, Infra Red.

China Glaze, Infra Red. 2 coats.

Infra Red is from China Glaze's Hologlam Collection. It's not a red as the name implies but more of a deep magenta. I really like the effect of these holo's; it's a smooth foil like appearance due to the use of smaller holographic particles. Some people don't like the effect of these; they liked the larger particle holos but I'm very happy with the appearance of these. This particular shade has a very strong holo effect but my photos don't do it justice.

The only downer is the actual formula when applying. Before using this polish I knew I needed a good base coat that would work well with holos. So, I went online and did some research and found some rave reviews about Glisten & Glow's Stuck on Blu! Base Coat. So, I went ahead and bought it. I applied one thin coat of G&G Stuck on Blu! and allowed it to dry thoroughly. I then applied a thin coat of Infra Red. I found that it's not good to overwork this polish otherwise you get serious drag and bald spots. So, after learning that with my 1st coat I knew how to apply the 2nd coat. However, after allowing plenty of time for the 1st coat to dry I still had to battle some serious drag. It wasn't fun. I'm not sure if it is the actual polish or if it had to do with the base coat. However, after making some corrections it still looked good. The formula is self leveling and very forgiving; no brush strokes. Dry time was average and I added a coat of Seche Vite to seal it all in. I didn't want to use Gelous incase too many layers of top coat would dull the holo effect.

I loved it for the whole day it lasted. The next day it chipped like crazy. I was pretty disappointed since I had heard such rave reviews about this base coat. Since I wasn't exactly sure who (or what) was to blame I knew I needed to try out Stuck on Blu! again to compare results. Turns out it is in fact the base coat; I just don't think it works with my chemistry. You live and you learn, right?!?

Otherwise, I look forward to wearing more of the holos from this collection with a different base coat. Any recommendations for a good holo base coat? I'm leaning towards Nfu-Oh Aqua Base; it's out of stock at Ninja Polish right now but I signed up for an email notification when it is back in stock.


  1. What a gorgeous color!!!! I'm very interested in a good holo base coat, too. I didn't know there was such a thing! LOL!

  2. I have Nfu-Oh Aqua Base which I use for the ChG OMGs. It works well for me to get 3 day wear & a few weeks on my toes. But as you said, base can vary from person to person. My bottles of Nfu-Oh Aqua Base are older. I had read where they changed it & the new ones were not as good as the old ones but maybe since then that has been corrected. I am like you - I prefer the small holos - the large ones look a lot like glitter and few of them fall linear which I prefer. I have this one - it sure is not red...hard to find a real red holo.

    1. Good to know! My no-buy is ending this Friday so I will definitely be placing an order for Nfu-Oh Aqua Base... Can't wait to use more of my ChG Holos! Yay!


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