Sunday, June 2, 2013

Julie G, Hot Cinnamon.

Julie G, Hot Cinnamon. 2 coats.

 I don't know why it took me so long to post this... Well, actually I do... I've been stretched a little thin lately between my hubby and my other activities. Also, back when I was posting my 7 Days of Purple for Cancer Awareness & Prevention I had to hold off on posting my other swatches. Since then I have decided to start The Insanity Workouts and O.M.G. it is some serious work to do them. The 1st few days made me so sore and I was exhausted. I literally just aimed to take care of my pets and do some minor but necessary housework. Are any of you into The Insanity Workout? Are you just beginning it like me or are you a seasoned pro by now???

Hot Cinnamon is one of the new(ish) Gumdrops Collection by Julie G. It is a beautiful berry red texture polish with micro glitters in pink and gold. It's so gorgeous! I posted it on twitter when I initially applied it because I was so darn impressed and in love with it. It's my very favorite polish this year. Application was wonderful; so, so, so easy to apply and dry time was insanely fast. The consistency is thick but not difficult to apply. It was incredibly durable too; it didn't chip at all and I wore it for 4 days without any top coat.

This blurry photo shows more of the gold and pink micro shimmer. I like that it looks like a flat matte texture in some light and at other angles the shimmer comes out to play. No hex glitters in this one and I prefer it like this. Which is your preference? Hex Glitter or No Hex Glitter?

I picked up my Julie G Gumdrops at Rite Aid here in So. Cal. but I know you can purchase then online as well here:


  1. This is a gorgeous color on you. These have a really rough texture, but I think the result is worth the grittiness. :)

    1. I thought for sure the texture would bug me but it doesn't. It's so fine and the formula is thick enough to give nice, even coverage. Not to mention how insanely durable they are! Thanks for stopping by!


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