Friday, July 19, 2013

Vintage Challenge Week: Holographic - Catherine Arley #668.


I have been drooling over the Catherine Arley Holographic Nail Lacquer for quite sometime. Just a few months back someone had this on their Swap/Sell Board so I went for it. These holos were originally released back in 2010. Catherine Arley is a Turkish brand so it can be a bit difficult to get your hands on these. I'm a lover of all things neutral so I love this light beige.

Formula was actually very, very smooth and I love the brush; it fans out over the nail with a very soft touch and it was a breeze getting a nice line at the cuticle. The formula is very sheer; I used 3 coats here. However, dry time was excellent and I didn't use any top coat with this so that super shiny, glossy finish you see there is all from the polish. I had a little visible nail line but nothing that bothers me in real life. I didn't use a base coat for this swatch because I don't have a good base for holos. Amazingly, even with 3 coats I did not experience any drag or bare spots. This one's a keeper!

The holographic particles in this polish are very fine; most of the time I see a soft scattered holo, but at times in the right lighting I will catch a bit of linear holo (that perfect rainbow).

Since Catherine Arley Nail Lacquer can be hard to come by I would suggest doing a Google search to see what you can find. Also, eBay and Polish Groups on Facebook can be good places to score as well.

As far as I can see it looks like Catherine Arley does not test on animals, but I don't have any confirmation on that. I have sent them an email and I will let you know if and when I hear back from them.

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  1. Hi Kelly, another beauty from this brand that I did not know before - I love a neutral holo on any day!! And what a win in the books that no special treatment is required!! Not to mention the extra-super-maximal careful application ;-) - wonderful <3

  2. What a gorgeous holo! I've never heard of this brand. Very fun to see! Great post!

  3. A frined o' mine bought this one on a hungarian (or bulgarian, I don't remember) website. I LOVE this pretty shade, is perfect in office and school too.


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