Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vintage Challenge Week: Nail Art


Time to break out my stamping supplies! First I had to clean off an area on my nail table because its getting cluttered up with all kinds of nail polish. I've been doing some organizing but at the same time it seems I make a bigger mess than what I started with. Anyways, I used Bundle Monster Plate BM-308; it has two different citrus images. One is a full nail stamp, and the other is just a small stamp.

I started with a base color of OPI, Sparrow Me The Drama from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection released in 2011. I swear I just had to have this pink because I loved all the swatches I saw but after getting it on my nails I'm so not impressed. I think my skin tone does nothing for it and vice versa. It just looks like a boring mauve on me. Meh. Also, the formula was streaky; I used 2 coats but still have some visible nail line and it didn't self level. This photo shows without top coat since I was going to be stamping on top of it anyway. I know I was supposed to use polishes for this challenge from earlier in the week, but I really wanted to try out two other 'vintage' polishes of mine. However, I did re-use one of them. ;)

I then used the full nail stamp on the Bundle Monster plate with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Golden Cinnabar. I was sent this by my friend, lovenailpolish, at Addicted to OPI-yum. It's clearly a dusty but I have no idea when it was released or anything about it other than it's a coppery gold duo chrome that has a pink/green flash. I did a quick nail stick swatch for you; 2 coats. Stamping with this just leaves a very subtle background shimmer.

I then used Essie, Escapades to stamp the small nail stamp on each of my nails. Because it's a jelly it wasn't all that great for stamping because it smeared. However, I do like that it lets the shimmer from the stamp beneath it shine through. Escapades looks completely different when used as a stamp; it looks more pink.

I finished it off and sealed everything in using a coat of Gelous and then Seche Vite. While I'm not crazy about the base color I do like the crazy stamping I did on top if it so in my book its a win.  

Of course OPI is no longer a cruelty free company but at the time the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection was released they were. Essie as well was cruelty free at the time Escapades was released but since then they were bought by L'Oreal which is one of the worst offenders when it come to animal testing. Sally Hansen was never cruelty free as far as I know but I received this as a gift so I thought what better time to use it than now?!?

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