Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vintage Challenge Week: Red - Revlon, Cherry Crush.


Back when I got married in 2008 I had a very difficult decision to make: What to put on my tootsies. It all came about when I ended up buying open toed shoes instead of closed toe. They were pale gold kitten heels by Nine West. Quite possibly the best shoes for your wedding because they were elegant and glamorous without the risk of tripping and falling flat on your face in the aisle. Initially I wanted closed toe but these were the perfect shoe so I then started the task of finding the perfect pedi color. The colors of my wedding were pretty various because I hate matchy-matchy. I always go with what works, not what matches. My main pop of color was red though, a deep rose red. I used the red as an accent color and my other colors were neutrals (off-white, grey, and light blue) and metallics (gold & silver). My nails were going to be natural (but better using a sheer wash of a french shade) so I quickly decided my toes needed to have a pop of color. I wanted something deep, rich, and elegant, but not too deep where it would look really dark. It took me weeks to narrow my choices down to 3 polishes; One was this Revlon and the other 2 were Avon colors. I even took all 3 with me to the salon and my manicurist and I worked on the decision together. Ended up annexing the two Avon's because they had just a hint of pink that made them look just a little too girly.
Nine West

It's a shame Revlon is no longer cruelty-free. Especially now that they have re-released the ColorStay line. I don't even know if this color is still available in their line. If you decide you absolutely love this and can't live without it, I ask that you try hitting up eBay or a Polish Swap Group on Facebook to get it instead of buying it at a retail store and lining Revlon's now non-cruelty free pockets. As for this bottle I have to keep it for sentimental reasons.

I used 2 coats of color and a top coat of Seche Vite. The formula is nice and easy to apply. Dry time was average.

Best day of my life. Truly.

Note: Revlon began selling their products in China this year (2013). China requires animal testing on all products sold in China.


  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous color. And beautiful wedding pic! <3

  2. Hi Kelly, what a gorgeous shade! I love it on you, no wonder why you picked it for your wedding pedi. You were a lovely bride, looking so happy!

  3. Hi Kelly, nice to meet you! I'm a Revlon fan and I'm not so happy that Revlon began selling in China. I have heard that some companies can avoid the cosmetic testing, while selling in China, but do not hope much. Too bad, Revlon has produced some delightful colors.

    PS: you and your husband are beautiful and the rose window behind you is amazing!

  4. What a gorgeous red and what a wonderful couple you and your husband make!
    Very sad to hear the piece about China though. Very disappointing.

  5. Hi Kelly, this polish is gorgeous,it reminds me of a deep, velvety rose my mum used to grow in our garden!!! I can just see all those colors playing off and synching together at the same time, I have a very sophisticated picture in front of my inner eye! Thank you for sharing this beautiful wedding picture with us - you make a wonderful match :-). And what can I say about China, I just cannot stop shaking my head, very disappointing!!

  6. Thanks for all the love everyone! Nice to met you all! Thanks for the great challenge, it's my first! Yay!

  7. I just found this: She is selling Cherry Crush for $3; shipping included. ;)


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