Friday, August 16, 2013

Barielle Dotticure.

From Left to Right: Barielle, Rio's Rockin' Bands, Pink Diamond, and Jillian's Jammin'.

Some friends of ours are expecting their first child and they had a Gender Reveal Party last Sunday. They wanted everyone to chose a Team; either Team Pink or Team Blue. Pink if you were hoping for a Girl and Blue if you were hoping for a Boy. I'm neutral so I had an idea to go Team Purple! I came up with this cute dotticure for the party. My stance is 'as long as your baby is happy and healthy that's all that matters.' There are pros and cons of each gender so just be happy with what you get. I used to be all about boys but I'm starting to see the good in little girls too so I guess they are growing on me!

Barielle Dotticure. With Gelous and Seche Vite.
I started with a base color of Rio's Rockin' Bands; a frosty red toned purple. I really like the color but the brushstrokes kinda suck. I used two coats to get good opacity. The formula is a good consistency and easy to work with. No issues with dragging or bare spots. I did experience some bubbling though. Dry time was average; not too long but not fast either.

Barielle Dotticure. With Gelous and Seche Vite.
I then added some dots on one side of the nail using Pink Diamond (a light pink glitter in a clear base) and Jillian's Jammin' (a blue glitter in a sheer blue base). I need to work on my dotting skills...LOL. As you can see in the test on the nail swatch stick below I did much better than on my actual nails. Issue number 1 is my natural nails are significantly shorter than the swatch stick. It would look much more flattering on longer nails. Issue number 2 would be my spacing of the dots; for some reason I did really well on the swatch but not so much on my natural nails; I got confused with my dotting pattern. Sometimes I over think things and confuse myself. Silly, I know... I finished it all off with a coat of Gelous & Seche Vite.

My test run came out much better than my actual nails.
So, it's not perfect but I'm glad I'm starting to play with nail art a bit more. My new organized nail room is helping to get my creative juices flowing. I won't call it a fail because I got compliments on it at the Gender Reveal Party and I know I tend to be really hard on myself and a bit of a perfectionist and I need to stop that shit. LOL

As you can see my index nail is still super short from my break... UGH.

Both Rio's Rockin' Bands & Jillian's Jammin' are from the Carnival Fiesta Collection. Pink Diamond is from the Dazzling Diamonds Collection. You can purchase these at or at some Ulta Stores. Ulta typically has a very limited selection though. There are a few other places online where you can purchase Barielle Shades as well.

(P.S.) They are having a Girl! Congrats Jackie & Adam! Daddy's gonna need to buy a shotgun... LOL!


  1. This is pretty! I love the Carnival Fiesta polishes period.

    1. I saw you post your swatches a few days ago... I was like 'Great minds think alike!' ;)


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