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Eclos by Freeman Beauty: Apple Stem Cell Skin Care.

Eclos Apple Stem Cell Skin Care by Freeman Beauty

I recently got Perked by Klout! I was especially happy when I found out that the perk was from Freeman Beauty and that they are cruelty free and do not test on animals; Go Freeman Beauty! If you are unfamiliar with Klout it's basically a way to 'measure' your interaction & influence through the various social media outlets. You sign up and link your Facebook Account, Twitter Account, YouTube, Linked In, Google+, Instagram, Blogger Account, etc. to Klout. Klout will then track interaction & influence. As you move up in score, and depending on the types of topics you focus on, you can get a Perk. A perk is when you get to try something out for free. Typically it's a product or an experience;  but they are branching out so it could be anything really. There is never any obligation to use a Perk or to talk about it.

I got really lucky and got to try out a new Skin Care line. I am getting to the age where I am now worrying about aging skin and wrinkles. I'm 33. I also still have pretty significant acne as well. Oh, and my skin is very sensitive as well as has lots of scaring from past acne; I never learned to leave my blemishes alone. No one would ever compliment me on my skin. It's something I have battled since I was a pre-teen. I have tried several types of products for acne; from over the counter Oxy to Proactive, as well as Yes To products, and most recently Relogy. I was concerned that Eclos would irritate my acne since it doesn't mention anything about clearing acne or blemishes.

Dare To Go Bare Skin Care 2-Week Challenge

The first day I tried the Eclos Skin Care line was Thursday, July 18th. I was even so bold as to post a 'Before' photo of my skin on Twitter. Be forewarned I am not wearing any make-up and I literally just got out of the shower after applying Eclos for the first time. Eclos is also doing a 'Dare To Go Bare' Skin Care 2-Week Challenge so I thought I would participate as well as do this review.

'Before' Photo (7/18/13)
I received 3 products to try; the first was the Eclos Skin Prep Cleanser. It's a foaming gel that you use to cleanse your face both morning and night. It's claims are that it lifts 'make-up and pore-clogging debris without over-drying skin'. It also states it is 'pH-balanced' and contains Chamomile and Cucumber along with 'Apple Stem Cell Technology extracted from a rare Swiss Apple, clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture in 2 weeks'. My experience with it was good; It does foam up nicely and does a good job of cleansing the skin. The first couple of times I did notice a very slight stinging but I do have very sensitive skin that normally does experience stinging when initially switching to a new product. For example when I started using Proactive I experienced a great deal of sting; Eclos was very slight. I also experienced a problem when using it to remove make-up; it did not lather up very well so I would rub it in but then rinse it off and use it again. The 2nd application would lather with no problems. The smell is very nice; fruity and refreshing but not strong. There was a slight medicine/chemical smell but I only noticed it when concentrating on the scent. I did experience a little bit of a dry feeling after using this but when using the Regenerative Cream (coming up next) afterwards it was not a problem.

Eclos Skin Prep Cleanser

Gel Cleanser
Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream is a thick cream that can be used both morning and night after the Skin Prep Cleanser. It claims 'Restorative benefits helps smooth and brighten for a radiant finish. Powerful extracts and antioxidants promote a smooth, toned surface.'. It also contains the same Apple Stem Cell Technology as the Skin Prep Cleanser. I found this to be a bit too greasy for my liking and it felt heavy on my skin. I was really worried about clogged pores but my acne did not especially flare up from the use of this product so this new formula could be a game changer for those who need the intense hydration of a night cream but don't care for heavy pore-clogging creams. If I was planning on wearing make-up or the Daily HydraPrimer (coming up next) I would skip the Regenerative Cream. Otherwise, my make-up would be sliding all over my face. The scent is a lot like the Skin Prep Cleanser but better; not strong but fruity and refreshing (no medicine/chemical smell to this one).

Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream
The final product is the Daily HydraPimer SPF 30 (Broad Spectrum). This is a primer that you can use alone or under make-up to help even skin tone and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It claims to 'Prime, hydrate, correct, and protect for the ultimate flawless finish!'. 'Soy helps hydrate and firm for renewed, revitalized skin.'. 'Lightweight, tinted formula creates a polished look by smoothing out imperfections'. I am very happy to see it has a broad spectrum SPF in it. I was a bit concerned about the tint; It looked a bit dark for me. I was able to get it to blend in to me (especially since it's summer and I've got more color than usual) but come winter it would be hard for me to wear this alone. I also tried it under my Ulta Mineral Powder and it actually worked really well at keeping my skin oil free. It has a very nice texture and smooths over skin much like the Smashbox primers (back when they were cruelty free I used their primers). There is no particular scent to this product; nothing that was noticeable or bothered me.

Eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30 
Tinted Formula
Smoothed into skin
 We are now at the end of the 2-Week Challenge and looking at my skin I don't see any noticeable changes. We are all individuals and we will all experience different results. Even though I did not have any ground breaking results to report I can tell you that I am impressed with this Skin Care line; Not only did it not clog my pores and cause irritation, it actually felt nice and refreshing to use. It has some excellent properties; SPF, beneficial ingredients like Chamomile and Cucumber (among many, many more), No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Synthetic Fragrances & Dyes, and No Mineral Oil or Petroleum. There are also several other products offered in the Eclos Skin Care line so you might find other products that are more up your alley. I would like to try the Cellular Activator Face Serum in place of the Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream. There's also an Eye Cream, Clay Mask, and Facial Scrub that I will probably pick up in the future.

'After' Photo (8/2/13) 
Using Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30 under Ulta Mineral Make-up Powder.
There were a few variables that may have affected my results; During the 2 week period I switched up my birth control. I switched from a low-dose pill which contains Estrogen to a mini-pill that does not contain any Estrogen. I also stopped drinking pasteurized cow's milk and started drinking Almond/Coconut Milk instead. These few changes could have something to do with my skin not breaking out as much. As you can see I did develop a pimple near my chin in my 'After' photo but this is a regular occurance for me; I don't feel that this skin care system had anything to do with that. My acne is a result of many factors; oily skin, stress, hormones, and diet. So, please remember that everyones skin and body is different and your results may be completely different from mine.

I do feel this is a very promising skin care line. Personally, I will be going back to my Relogy regimen only because I dont care for the greasyness of the Moisutre Therapy Regenerative Cream. I think this skin care line would be great for those who are more concerned with anti-aging than with acne and who experience dry skin.

Here is a Side-by-Side to compare.
INFLUENCER DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Freeman Beauty is listed on PETA's site in the 'Companies That Don't Test on Animals' directory.

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  1. I received this as well. I love it!! I especially love that Ulta sells it & you can use the 20% off coupons.


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