Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hard Candy Drip Mani.

2 coats of Sweet Tooth and drips done in Pink Taffy.
How many of you are a fan of the Hard Candy Facebook Page? I most certainly am and they are asking to see your Hard Candy Nail Art. If they repost your work they will 'send you a new stash of our polishes!' Just make sure to Tag them in the photo as well as include a hashtag (#HardCandyNails). It's open through August 31st.

I whipped up this cute drip mani after experimenting on some swatch sticks. I used a base of Sweet Tooth, a mix of pink, blue, and silver glitter in a very light blue milky base. I used 2 coats. Once Sweet Tooth was completely dry I then used Pink Taffy, a mix of magenta, black, and silver glitter in a pink base, to freehand the drip on the tips. First I tipped it (like a french tip) and then used the brush to dab drops of the polish to look like they were dripping down the nail. I did add a little thinner (Zoya's Restore) to make the consistency of Pink Taffy a little thinner and easier to work with. No top coat.

I think it turned out super cute; even Hard Candy commented on it. It was a pretty awesome moment for me and my nails. I'm still waiting to see if and when they post it to Instagram; you know I'm gonna hit the roof!

If you wanna get in on the fun you've still got a few days left! You can find Hard Candy Nail Color exclusively at Walmart.


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