Friday, August 9, 2013

Julie G, Tangerine Dream.

3 coats. No top coat.
Blurred to show sparkle.

Here's yet another one of the Texture polishes from Julie G's Gumdrops Collection. I keep saying it but I love these! I still have to wear the blue and green so don't get sick of me yet! So far out of the bunch this is the first one I had to do 3 coats to build up. But, because they dry so quickly it wasn't an issue. I used my favorite base coat; Barielle's Hydrating Ridge Filler. The formula on Tangerine Dream was just as nice as the others; the brush is great and makes application super easy. Just don't hurry the brushstroke because these are a little on the thick side. There's no need for top coat with these but if you like a glossy look you can totally add one. I prefer it textured and matte. I love this light orange with heavy golden sparkle; No large glitters in this one.

See my little white stars in the photos? I had a nail disaster occur. I was shaving my legs and kind of let my mind wander off into LaLa Land and I ended up taking a nice chunk out of my nail with the razor. I've since trimmed it down as far as I can take it and am letting it grow out; I just hope it's decent enough in time for my next mani. The good news is I didn't draw any blood so I guess I'm happy it didn't turn out worse.

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