Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Nail Polish Room.

After a few years of having a fold-out card table as my nail polish center I realized that I needed to create a more organized space. I was developing anxiety every time I went to do my nails because I had polishes all over that table. It was getting harder and harder to distinguish my Untried's from the rest of my stash too.

I didn't want to buy any expensive desks or storage systems because we are talking about nail polish here and I'm a well-known klutz. I could just see me spilling nail polish all over it. I also wanted racks so I could see my polish (I'm a very visual person). Of course my stash is getting so big there's no way I can keep them ALL in racks but my favorites for sure.

I stumbled upon SmartDeco Furniture a few months ago and saw a perfect set-up for my DIY polishing. This is modern, efficient, and economical cardboard furniture. Yep, CARDBOARD. I selected the SmartSet which consists of a Desk (Intellidesk), a Night Stand (SmartStand), and a Tall Dresser (SmartDresser). $149.00 and Free Shipping. Of course this was a bit of a risk; even after reading rave reviews I wondered how it would work for nail polish and related supplies. These do have a high weight load capacity so everything sounded right but until you get it and start using it you never really know.

The shipping was super quick; I got it in like 1 day, or maybe 2. But, Wow, It was FAST! I was stunned to see 3 big, yet thin, cartons at my door. I lugged them in and they sat for a few days. I knew it was going to be fun (read: a project) to assemble them. I started by clearing out the room I would be putting them in and vacuuming. Once I had a nice big area to work in I dragged the first carton into the room; The SmartStand. I opened the box, removed all the components, checked to make sure I had everything, and then removed the box it came in.

To assemble SmartDeco Furniture you watch a video on their website. I pulled it up on my iPhone and definitely had to rewind a few times and re-watch (carefully) a few of the steps. One thing that I had to figure out on my own is that the flap that is sticking up at the rear or the drawers is meant to keep the drawer from flying out when opening them. However, it will be easier to maneuver (and slide all the way in) if you give it a few partial folds back and forth. After figuring that part out I had it down. A few of the steps require patience and finesse so I took my time. After about 2 1/2 Hours I had all 3 pieces assembled. The drawers got tedious at one point so I took a 15 minute break. LOL There were a few broken tabs used for attaching the clear plastic top but there were extras in another box so it all worked out. There was a crease caused from shipping in the top of the desk. After assembling it I placed it so it was towards the back of the desk so as far as the visual goes it's not obvious. However, I hope it does not affect the weight load capacity and integrity of the desk.

My SmartDeco SmartSet after assembly.

Another great option is you can leave drawers out of some of the slots to act as a shelf or bookcase. I decided to leave the large drawer our of the bottom of my SmartDresser to store things like my Caboodles Nail Case, Acetone, Alcohol, and Label Maker. My Zoya Remove+ 32oz. bottle fits under here too.

My Untried's will be split between the rack on top and the top drawer. The rack will act as a staging area for me to put together color combos I like and polishes I want to use soon.

SmartDeco SmartDresser.
I left a small gap between the SmartDresser and Intellidesk for a slim trash bin. I have been eyeing a Stainless Steel Simple Human one. I also want to buy an area rug, something fun that will offer protection for the carpet since I already admitted I am a klutz.

6-Tiered Acrylic Polish Rack.

My 'Untrieds' Drawer. Top Drawer of the SmartDresser.
I have since moved my Cult Nails, Road Trip Anyone? Collection into the Polish Rack. :-) Gotta wear those soon! I'm pretty sure Mayhem (the holo top coat) will stay there for eternity. Those black rectangular caps on the left are butter London's. Another one of my loves but I tend to buy a lot of fall colors from them. They will come out to play soon enough. Oh, and that pale green Jessica in front is now up top in the rack.

I bought a roll of non-slip grippy drawer liner for all of the drawers so their contents won't slide around.

The top of my SmartDeco Intellidesk.
I've got my hand dandy work mat; it's a silicone mat that you can peel dried polish right off of. I also keep an old towel at the top to wipe my tools off on. In that little red dip container (I unintentionally stole it from Chili's years ago) is my little glass dappen dish that I keep some Zoya Remove+ in for clean-up. That green organizer keeps all my files, orangewood sticks, clippers, etc. handy; I got it a Target for a $1 a few years ago. I want to buy a desk lamp; I saw one at Bed Bath & Beyond that had a charging outlet built in so I can charge my iPhone while playing in here.

Top Drawer of my SmartDeco SmartStand.
Here's where I will keep my nail treatments and my CND Shellac supplies. Again, that non-slip grippy drawer liner helps keep everything from sliding around. Below this drawer I have my CND UV Lamp. I'm sure I will find something else to store in here; probably foil and cotton rounds.

Bottom Drawer of my SmartDeco SmartStand.
The drawers don't have a problem with the weight of the products I have put in them so far. They are very sturdy; the only thing is with the SmartDresser I brace the very top with my hand when opening the drawers to keep the rack on top from hitting the wall behind it (it's top heavy right now since all of my polish is not in the drawers). It's not bothersome and as I load it with more weight I think it will become less of an issue. I like that if I want to pull a drawer all the way out I don't have to tilt the drawer, I just reach in and bend the flap down with my hand and it's out without disturbing all of my polish. I don't have to brace the drawers when they are hanging out like in my photos either.

I also recently decided to stop using Nail Wheels and instead use Nail Sticks for swatches. It makes it easier to keep your swatches organized by color. I can also put the brand and name of the polish on the stick instead of numbering them and creating a separate document to cross reference numbers and polish. Everything in/on the SmartDresser has been swatched on the new Nail Sticks. Below is my old polish storage system; A Rubbermaid tub. As I re-swatch them onto the Nail Sticks I will move them over to my SmartDresser drawers. These are all polishes I have already used.

My Tub-O-Polish.
I recently purged my collection of the majority of Non-Cruelty Free polishes so my stash is now looking much more manageable; and ready for newies. :) All of my purged polishes are for sale; just click the tab at the top of my blog that says Kell's Wish / Swap / Sale Lists.

I'm very happy with my new nail polish room; SmartDeco Furniture is an excellent solution for me. I'm all about being economical and I love that I can recycle it once it's served it's purpose. SmartDeco is made in the USA, here in California, too. If you are interested in trying SmartDeco out I recently found this code for 30% Off: smart30. I plan on buying another SmartStand to keep my dogs' supplies organized and a SmartStand Set to use as an Entertainment Center for my Exercise Area.

Of course I still want to add to my nail polish room; I look forward to getting a large acrylic wall rack and adding some art to those stark white walls. I will be hanging up my OPI, Germany Collection Display since a large part of my heritage is German (I know they are no longer cruelty-free but they were when I bought it).

I also have a Pinterest Board dedicated to my Nail Room and all the things I have - or want to have - in it. Feel free to check it out: http://pinterest.com/blkvelveteen20/my-polish-room/

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  1. I wish I had your storage :D My nail polish are currently stored in ugly black bins. Eventually I'll get the makeup/nail room of my dreams!

    1. I love that this 3 piece set was very inexpensive yet looks clean and organized. ;)

  2. Wow! I'm in awe and uber jealous of all the room you have to play and store your polish. I never thought cardboard would be so functional and attractive! I learn so many cool things from you! Thank you!!!!

    1. I'm glad you like it! ...and THANK YOU for the great feedback!

  3. Jealous...I just got rid of my housemate so I have my 2nd bedroom back again but...the rent when up $300/mo - ouch...so thinking of moving to a 1 bedroom or studio...I am going to get rid of a ton of furniture and thin my stash way down and then see what I have and how I am doing before I pop to make the smaller room into my own nail studio..but I really like what you have for a set up...mine would be similarly outfitted as far as the type of furniture I would get - something not too professional and also budget friendly.

    1. This definitely wouldn't work for a professional nail tech; the desk isn't set up to have someone on the other side of it. Since I don't do others' nails this is great for me. I like that I can spill some polish on it and not panic; great for this hobbyist. ;)

  4. Hey where did you pick up the acrylic polish holder ?


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