Friday, August 30, 2013

NCLA Nail Wraps in Fairy Floss.

2 sheets of Nail Wraps and a Nail File are included in the package.

Guess what showed up in my mailbox last week??? My Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!!! I've been really looking forward to getting it since its my very first one. I will be posting a review on the entire box here soon but I just had to break out the NCLA Nail Wraps in Fairy Floss I received. It was well past time for me to do my nails and after reading the back of this package I realized that these were not your typical nail wraps because you used top coat. That made me believe that these would be more durable so I jumped right in!

I've tried the Sally Hansen strips before and I was not impressed with the amount of tip wear (that was also before I went 100% cruelty free). They didn't give you a glossy or finished appearance; I could literally see them separating from my nails, especially at the free edge. The wear time was pretty short too; I think I got a maximum wear time of 4 days with serious tip wear and chipping..

NCLA's Nail Wraps are different because you apply a coat of top coat to your clean nail and allow it to dry before applying the wrap. You then seal it all in with yet another coat of top coat. I used Barielle's Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender Top Coat as my base and I then applied the nail wraps. 

These are very thin vinyl like stickers; they are sticky but not too sticky so you can reposition them and you can also stretch them to fit your nail. I did have a slightly difficult time finding the correct sizes for my nail beds and stretching them was a little difficult. I was also worried that stretching them would ruin the designs on them so I tried to be gentle and not over stretch them. My thumbnails were the worst because my cuticle shape is more square and these wraps have a very rounded shape. I guess I could have trimmed them but I thought I would just ruin the wrap if I attempted that. After applying each wrap I used the included nail file to file off the edge. This is one of the parts that bothers me the most about nail wraps; the rough free edge.

I was also sad because the wraps that have the graduated designs didn't fit any of my nails... Gah!! I loved those ones and really wanted to use them. Perhaps I will attempt to do some trimming on my next go-around. After applying all of the wraps I applied a coat of Gelous. After the Gelous dried I did a coat of Seche Vite. I figured this would give me extra durability. 

I got 5 full days of wear without any chipping at my free edge. The cuticle edge did want to peel up a little on a few of them. At times I would catch my hair in them, but I never felt the urge to pick or peel at them. If I had gotten my Gelous application just a little further down it probably would have eliminated that problem. On the 5th day I went to pull my workout shorts on and the cuticle edge got caught on a thread and pulled a big chunk of the wrap off. My other nails were holding up pretty well aside from the edge of my index finger where the top coat peeled off but the wrap was still intact.

NCLA Nail Wraps in Fairy Floss.

Fairy Floss is a very fun pattern; it's a sponged look with a variety of different dots and stripes. Half are pastel pink and the other half are pastel blue with a few in the middle that have a pink/purple/blue gradient. I'm still not crazy about Nail Wraps in general but I think these ones are much better than the Sally Hansen ones. I also enjoyed the different patterns and alternating colors. I normally don't do crazy manis like this but it was fun stepping out of the usual and trying something playful. It was also pretty cool that I didn't have a lot of dry time.

Of course NCLA is cruelty-free and they are also Vegan. You can purchase them on their website at


  1. i love the ncla designs but was disappointed with the quality. i also hate filing the edge and seeing the white under the design show. i think it makes the mani look old right away. i wish they were easier to stretch as well.

    1. Absolutely! I prefer polish; I don't think any wrap or sticker will look as good as polish. ;) But I'm sure there are people who will like these; people who don't like working with polish and don't like the dry time. I need to try the Incoco ones; they are cruelty free too.

    2. i like the strips with designs because i'm HOPELESS at nail art and it's so fun. but yeah the drawbacks make me only do them like once every few months. i love incoco, they are head and shoulders above any of the other strips i've tried but their designs are pretty limited.

    3. I suck at Nail Art too, although, I'm trying to do more of it. Practice makes perfect, right?!? LOL

  2. These nail strips are super cute on your nails.


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