Saturday, August 24, 2013

Priti NYC, City Girl Rose.

2 coats. With Top Coat.

I want to apologize for the lack of blog posts over the last week. After our weekend getaway to Laughlin, NV I was wore out (trips are exhausting aren't they???) and had to get caught up on some errands. This is what I wore on my nails for our weekend at the River. I wore Priti NYC on my toes as well; Hedge Hog Rose. It was a great combo. 

The formula on City Girl Rose can be a little streaky. Even with 2 coats I had a few sheer spots but it wasn't enough for me to add a 3rd coat. The odd thing is it didn't translate to my photos at all. The consistency is nice and creamy though and it self leveled nicely and didn't take very long to dry. I loved the brush when doing my toes; it's a flat paddle style brush. But on my tips it was a little big and bulky but still a nice brush. I love this almost neon peachy coral. I finished it off with my 'usual'; Gelous & Seche Vite.

I've been on a lucky streak; I won the 4 piece Priti NYC Bahamas Collection from Pampadour. I was so excited when I won them; Priti NYC is one of the brands I have been dying to try. In fact I had just recently bought my first one. The Bahamas Collection consists of City Girl Rose (this one), Hedge Hog Rose (a neon pink coral creme), Baby Blue Eyes (a bright baby blue shimmer), and Scotch Thistle (a dusty teal creme). I love each and every one of them and can't wait to wear the other 2 in the collection.

I love me a good coral nail so I thought I would also compare it to some of the other corals in my collection.

Top Row; Left to Right: Essie, Tart Deco / Sally Hansen CSM, Coral Fever
Bottom Row; Left to Right: Essence Colour & Go, What Do You Think? / Jordana, Tangy
City Girl Rose is closest to Essence Colour & Go in What Do You Think? but they definitely are not dupes. City Girl Rose has more white in the base making it brighter. Essie, Tart Deco has more pink and reminds me of a much lighter version of Hedge Hog Rose.

From Left to Right: Barielle, Peach Popsicle / Priti NYC, City Girl Rose / Barielle, Orange Parfait.
I could use these 3 to create a nice ombre nail; they range from lightest to darkest and are all in the same peach family. 

Are you a coral lover too? What's your favorite coral nail polish?

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