Sunday, September 1, 2013

Barielle's Nude & Naughty Fall 2013 Collection.

5 Pack.
It's been a while since I've been really wowed by anything from Barielle even though I love their products. I felt the Summer Collections were lacking originality and the formulas did not impress. Apparently, they were saving it up for their Fall releases because I really LOVE this collection!

Nude & Naughty is a neutral collection but what makes it special are all the little details and the formulas. I love neutrals but I still like to see special details thrown in. One of my favorites is a nice shimmer.

Nail Stick Swatches; Indoors. 2 coats each. No Top Coat.
When this collection arrived I promptly did some nail stick swatches; I initially thought I would love the milk chocolate color, In Good Taste, but I really loved the light brown shimmer, I Got A Headache. No Not Now is a taupe/mauve with a very subtle silver shimmer and is beautiful as well. I'm normally very bored with french colors but the two in this collection have excellent formulas.

Nail Stick Swatches; Outdoors. 2 coats each. No Top Coat.
Very Bare & Pillow Talk are both what I call a french. I normally hate these because they end up being very sheer and uneven. But these two are actually pretty opaque and their formulas, while are a touch thin, apply very similarly to a jelly. I used 2 coats for the nail stick swatches but on my nails I used 3 coats. Dry time wasn't the quickest, but if you like these types of polishes you will enjoy these.

No Not Now is a great mauve with a touch of taupe to it. There's this very muted silver shimmer that makes it extra special for me. This also has the best formula; not too thick not too thin. Very easy to control and apply. I freaking love it! I only needed 2 coats for both the swatch sticks and my nail. It dried fairly quickly and with lots of shine.

Check out that glowing shimmer on I Got A Headache; so pretty! This reminds of Cult Nails' shimmers. In order to get the glowing depth you need to have a slightly sheer formula to allow all the shimmer to shine through. This is a light milk chocolate brown with pink shimmer. I needed 3 coats to build up to opacity on both the swatch sticks and my nails. The formula is a thin jelly that was easy to apply and dried nice and shiny.

In Good Taste is a milk chocolate brown creme. I like this because you wont mistake this for black in any lighting. I love colors like these because I find them very wearable. The formula on this was good but I did experience some dragging with the 2nd coat; maybe I rushed it and didn't allow it to dry enough. I used 2 coats on both the swatch sticks and my nails.

Does this make for a good Ombre Mani or what?!?
Since this is a Fall Collection I thought I should break out one of my favorite scarfs. My pen pal, Jackie, sent this scarf as a gift. We've been friends since the 8th grade when we started writing back and forth to each other. She lives on the East Coast while I'm over here on the West coast. I finished off my Ombre Mani with a coat of Seche Vite. I think the names are pretty good too, although I want to correct the punctuation in No Not Now to 'No, Not Now'; It's the Grammar OCD in me! LOL

If you love this collection as much as I do (or maybe just one or two of the colors), these are available today (Sept. 1st) at Barielle is also releasing a 2nd Fall Collection called Sophisticated Lady which I will have up shortly.

*I received this from Barielle for review.


  1. These are great! I love me some Barielle. :) No Not Now looks like those strange nudes that look strangely good on me.

    1. These are great neutrals, I love them! No Not Now is a very cool mauve and very flattering. Thanks for stopping by! ;)


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