Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cult Nails, Riot & Party Time.

2 coats with a coat of In A HurryTop Coat.

I've had the Cult Nails, Road Trip Anyone? Collection sitting in my Acrylic Rack just staring at me. I know summer is winding down and I still have some 'summer' shades I need to wear. So, I decided to give 2 of them some love by doing an accent nail. Luckily these 2 colors work great together.

Riot wants to be a minty sea foam green yet its got just a hint more emerald to it making it unique in my stash. It looks better on the nail than in the bottle. The formula is a little thin, but it's very opaque. Those of you who use a thicker application could probably make this a one coater. I like to use thinner coats so I had a few sheer spots with my 1st coat; my 2nd coat finished the job. For some reason the brushes in these seem thinner than usual; it was a little problematic getting it to fan out over my nail. I gave it a few turns to find the best side of the brush to use. It did require just a little extra dry time; I think it's due to the very pigmented formula.

Party Time is a beautiful blue creme that seems to have just a touch of teal to it. It's got a depth to it yet its a bright all at the same time. I have a Barielle Shade that comes very close; click HERE to check it out. The formula on Party Time is a little less opaque than Riot but 2 coats were perfect. It's also a thin formula but still easy to apply. Again, the brushes seem a little thin and you will need to give it a little extra time to dry.

I finished it off with a coat of In A Hurry. I'm really digging this top coat; it's nice and thick and gives me a glossy finish.

I plan on adding something special to this mani so stay tuned; I'll have that post up in a few days. ;)

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