Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finger Paints, Sarong So Right.

3 coats with Gelous & In A Hurry.

Michelle over at All Lacquered Up created a new collection with Finger Paints called A Pair Affair. These all have something unique about them and the formulas are varied. There's 2 shimmers, 2 glass flecks, and 2 jellies; something for everyone.

I wanted to wear one right away and Sarong So Right is an awesome orange toned coral. It has a soft pink shimmer AND scattered holographic glitter. It's also a squishy jelly! This is definitely a unique bird; I love it! The formula was extremely thick (think Elmer's glue) so I added 6 drops of thinner. I started with 3 and tested it out and needed another 3. It was still thick but better. I don't think the thickness would hamper application but I was worried dry time would be extended. I used 3 coats on my nails; those of you who use thicker coats would probably get away with 2. Application was good; I got a nice line at the cuticle and had very little clean up. Dry time isn't the quickest but average for a 3 coater. It dried pretty smooth with only a few little bumps where the holographic glitter floated to the top. I finished it off with a coat of Gelous and In A Hurry by ACI. Thought I would try a new top coat and this one is by the same company who makes Gelous. It actually worked great; dry time was only a minute longer than Seche Vite and the consistency was great. I used Barielle's Hydrating Ridgefiller as my base.

I wore this all week and it held up great! I just started a new job last Wednesday and I think this shade is also appropriate for work; it's not too crazy yet it's a good alternative to a bright red. With the new job you will probably see less activity here and on my Facebook Page but I will still be here posting. If you have any questions I will still be around to answer them just give me a few days to get back to you. I love interaction with you guys no matter how busy life gets! ;)

All Lacquered Up was one of the very first nail blogs I started following so I definitely wanted to get these. If you purchase them through the affiliate links in her blog posts it helps to support her blog, which is what I did.

I can honestly say after swatching the entire collection on swatch sticks that it's one of those you need to see in person; pictures don't do it justice. I literally love the way these apply and that their formulas are so unique and complex. I have been looking for a really great purple; one that walks the line between dark and mid-toned; one that has an intense depth yet doesn't look black. I found it in this collection; A Grape Catch. Teal Lovers (I'm in that category too) will need to have Our Tips Are Tealed. Sage It Ain't So, a shimmery pale spring green, is one of those interesting shades that you will either love or hate; it's for those gals who like the oddball colors (I also fall into that category... Ha Ha!).

What do you think of the A Pair Affair Collection? Any colors you'll be picking up?

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