Saturday, September 7, 2013

Julie G, Rock Candy & Birds. (Nail Tattoos from Fake Tattoos)


2 coats. No Top Coat.

I'm back with another textured polish from Julie G's Gumdrops Collection. This one is a sea foam green with hexagon shaped glitter. As usual the formula was excellent and it dried very quickly. I used 2 coats for opacity. These are quite possibly the easiest polishes to apply. I hardly have any cleanup, they dry incredibly quick, they are extremely durable and they make my nails look extra nice. Whats not to love about that?!? The formulas are a little on the thick side but I find it helps with application.

When looking at my untrieds I noticed Priti NYC, Scotch Thistle would coordinate beautifully with Rock Candy so I did a pedicure with Scotch Thistle. I posted a nail stick swatch on my Facebook Page HERE. I normally don't care to be matchy-matchy but with the different textures and tones I really like it.

I then decided to try out some Temporary Nail Tattoos I bought sometime ago from Fake Tattoos. The only problem is I can't find out if they are cruelty free. I looked and looked and finally sent them an email but I have yet to hear back from them. I will let you know if and when I do. What I did find out is that they are a Scandinavian company and their temporary tats are safe, non-toxic & hypoallergenic. Their Quality and Content Information on their website states that their 'products meet or exceed all applicable U.S. and international regulatory requirements. All Fake Tattoos temporary tattoos meet or exceed safety standards for toys and cosmetic products.'

Of course I prepped the area as well as figured out which tattoos I wanted to use and their placement. I cut out each individual nail tat carefully. After initially cutting them off the main sheet I fine tuned and trimmed around the tattoo for easier placement on my nail. The back of the tattoos are not transparent so this will help you get it exactly where you want it.

I took extreme care with the tails and wing tips. I first lined the edge of the tail and/or wing up to the edge of my nail and then rolled it over to the other side of my nail (my nail beds are extremely rounded) to make sure they would fit (I made sure I had a little wiggle room too in case the tattoo slid around during application).

I filled a heavy glass (that wasn't likely to easily tip over) halfway with cool water. I grabbed some q-tips (but only ended up using one) and grabbed a few paper towels and folded them under each other to catch excess water runoff. I set up the nail tattoos in the order I would be applying them to my nails. The top row is my right hand and the bottom row is my left hand. I used two birds for each of my thumbs.

I only had a problem with one of the nail tattoos; my right pinkie. It slid during application (while I was holding the wet q-tip on the back of it) and it ended up cracking. I submerged my pinkie in the glass of water and then gently used my fingernail to scrape it off. Only having one casualty was actually excellent for my track record. Also, if you look closely on my middle nail you will see there is a pink area behind the bird; it's supposed to be a pink heart but it didn't show up too well. To really get the best results for this one you would need a white background.

Otherwise, application was simple and easy. I love the look! Especially since these nail tattoos are not shiny because it looks great over textured polish. I did notice after a few hours that they were fading some. So, if you want these to last you should topcoat them. Yes, that will ruin the texture effect but these decals appear seamless on the nail, unlike nail stickers where you can see the edge of the sticker. They also don't smear when applying top coat. I will definitely be using the rest of these and if I hear back that they do not test on animals I will be buying some more.

Here are a few more photos:


Thumbnail with 2 birds.

I sure hope this company is cruelty free because their stuff is very inexpensive and you get free shipping (even internationally!). It does take a couple of weeks to get them but not months. They send them in a regular letter envelope. You can purchase temporary body tattoos as well. For some reason it takes forever for their website to load for me though, but I just walk away for 10 minutes and then when I come back the site is up. I have no idea what that's all about. LOL

Are you a fan of birds or do they make you think of the Alfred Hitchcock movie?

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  1. I love this color! Awesome swatches! Can't wait to browse their selection of nail tattoos! Thanks!


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