Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Illamasqua, Omen & Ouija.

2 coats of Omen & 2 coats of Ouija on my accent nail. No top coat.

I'm finally breaking out some of my new Illamasqua's from the Paranormal Collection. The 4 nail lacquer's from this collection were my gift to myself after I went the whole month of July on a No-Buy. It was totally worth it.

3 of the lacquers are brights with in-your-face silver shimmer; A red-toned purple, a magenta pink, and a bright green. The 4th lacquer is a clear coat... They all glow in UV Light. It's really cool in the online swatches I've seen.

For this mani I decided on the green, Omen, and the pink, Ouija, as an accent nail. Pink & Green are a favorite combo of mine.

These both have the same exact formula and it is excellent. I love how these apply so smoothly; they are the perfect consistency. Not too thick, not too thin, just right. The opacity was excellent as well; not quite a one coater but two easy ones. I had very little clean up and got a nice line at the cuticle. It also dried pretty quick probably because they dry to a satin finish. With all of the silver shimmer it looks really cool matte; almost like a metallic without the brush marks. It's a really cool finish. I didn't add a top coat because I plan on adding something on top.

Sadly, I can't find my black light to test these out and take photos. But, hopefully, I will get to see them in action soon. I could have used my CND UV Lamp but I wouldn't have been able to get good photos for you; it would have blinded you.

The colors and finish are really fun and unique. I also love the names and love that I'm rockin' a bright mani during October; it's definitely got a bit of a strange factor to it.

Stay tuned to see what I add to these...

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