Monday, October 28, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer, Fool of a Took!

2 coats. With Gelous & In A Hurry.
I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday because I love that its just pure fun. But this year has been less than stellar for me; I'm just not feelin' it. However, when I spotted this polish on Lacquer or Leave Her! I didn't hesitate to buy it. It's pure awesomeness. It looks like something that would spew out of a zombie. I dig it.

The formula on Fool of a Took! was a little thick for my preference so I thinned it out a little using Zoya's Renew. It's nice and opaque in 2 easy coats. I love the ratio of glitter to base color. Dry time was average and I finished it off with a coat of Gelous & In A Hurry. It did dry a little bumpy but my 2 layers of top coat smoothed it out with no problems.

This is my first time buying a Lucky 13 Lacquer and I'm very impressed; I love the bottles, the label, and the brush. There are tons of great looking lacquer's on the website with very unique names too. I'm surprised this isn't one of those indie shops where everything is always sold out. Kind of nice that I saw it, went on the website, and bought it without any hassle. I even bought it on my mobile and it was super quick and easy!

What's your favorite Halloween polish?

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